How Livestreaming Can Help You Show Off a Neighborhood

Written by Peco Posted On Monday, 20 April 2020 08:11
How Livestreaming Can Help You Show Off a Neighborhood Image by Chanh Nguyen from Pixabay

Realtors have been aware of the potential value of livestreaming for a few years, using live videos to create virtual open houses and tempt prospective buyers to come and see the property for themselves. Showing off a house via livestream makes perfect sense; it saves logistical effort for buyers who may be relocating from a great distance, while it's an effective way of promoting your business to anyone with a passing interest. One possibly underutilized asset of livestreaming in realty is the ability to also show off the neighborhood.

After all, when someone buys a property they are buying a stake in the neighborhood. The right surrounding area can make or break a consumer's decision about where to purchase, so you may wish to take your viewers on a tour of the neighborhood as well as the house itself. A cynic would suggest that a buyer can get a general sense of an area from Google Maps, but that's too impersonal for someone to become truly invested in their prospective neighborhood.

Show the best parts of the neighborhood

Pick a day when the sun is shining (if possible), then livestream as you take a stroll around the area. Showcase the best green spaces nearby, then pop into some of the best local businesses. Let the business owner know that you'll be dropping in - having a rapport with the staff can demonstrate the friendly nature of the neighborhood. Find places that only a local would know, whether that's a little cafe hidden on a back street or a secluded beauty spot.

You could even speak to the neighbors on your livestream, although make sure you prep them first about what not to say. If you're streaming via Facebook Live, an easy-to-use platform that should allow you to attract your maximum audience, then viewers can pose questions to you and the neighbors through the chat function. This is why livestreaming is more effective than pre-recorded video, as all realtors can testify to the importance of interaction in sealing the right deal for all parties.

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The rising popularity of livestreaming

You might think 'oh, people will never watch that', but society has become increasingly comfortable with the concept of livestreaming in a number of formats. Facebook Live has played a crucial role, which is why it is the best place for realty livestreams. Musicians have helped to popularize Facebook Live, using it as a platform to stream performances and engage with their fanbase. While this may be no substitute for a physical concert, it provides opportunities for fans who may be unable to attend any tour dates. Convenience is one of the principles that can make realty livestreams so successful.

Another aspect of livestreaming that translates to real estate is the personal touch. We can see the demand for a human connection in the rise of live casino games at online casinos like Betway, which uses video links and real-life dealers to provide a more interactive experience than computer-driven roulette or blackjack. We can also see this in the sustained popularity of Twitch, the streaming platform. Twitch viewers are happy to watch someone else play a game rather than take the lead themselves because they enjoy the virtual company of the streamer. Interactivity and relatability help livestreaming to thrive on online casinos and social platforms - they also contribute to its utility in realty.

A matter of trust

Convenience and communication are two huge qualities of livestreaming, but there is one quality that may be the most important: trust. Seeing someone's face can be a vital part of developing trust in an individual, which is at the center of any real estate deal. Whether you're explaining why a house is perfect for someone or championing the virtues of the surrounding area, it is more powerful if the prospective buyer can see you and the property.

In terms of equipment, all you'll really need is a smartphone and someone to hold it. It may be worth investing in a new model to ensure that your livestream has a high-quality picture and won't drop out, with Apple still among the leading smartphone developers. Plus, you'll need a Facebook account for either you and your agency. Ideally, this account will be regularly posting content and consistently on the lookout for new followers, so that you can maximize your exposure when livestreaming.

You can use livestreams to engage with an audience that may have otherwise been inaccessible, while you can interact with these prospective buyers in real-time. Make sure you don't neglect the neighborhood when doing your livestream; it could prove pivotal in encouraging viewers to take the next step in the real estate process.

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