How To Choose The Right Builders For Renovating Your Home

Posted On Thursday, 24 September 2020 20:05

Renovating your house can be hugely exciting, especially when you have been dreaming of it for many years. The very thought of seeing your home turn into your dream home after renovation is enough to get you all anticipating.

Now, what if this process if renovation turns out poor and pours water on all your expectations? What if the home builders or renovators do not understand what you really want and end up damaging your place?

Well, that is precisely why you need to find out the right builders who can add value to your home.

So here is how to choose luxury home builders… some tips to help you get started.

Should you look at the price first?

The wisest thing you can do is not choosing your builder based on the price they charge. You might want to look at the price if you are buying a TV or a hi-fi amplifier for your home. When you are choosing a builder, you will have to check other criteria. Because the person is going to be in constant touch with you for 7 years even after the renovation is complete as this period is covered by the builder’s warranty insurance.

How to go ahead with choosing the right builder?

Follow this collaborative process to make your choices super easy and effective:

Consult an architect

The first step is to have an architect to build the design and structure of your house. Based on this design, the builder will quote his price.

Design complete drawings for the house

While the interior designer or architect is on the task of drafting your house plan, you will have to be very specific. It is the architect who will provide you the comprehensive specification of the design document. The document will feature intricate details, from elevations and floorplans of every room to requirements of any cabinets.

Now once you submit the document to your builder, he/she will study it thoroughly and come up with a price quote for the same. You are supposed to pay this exact amount to your builders and, there are no variations are allowed afterward, unless some unexpected issues come up.

Preparing additional documents

You can ask your architect to draft other related reports like energy and engineering reports, etc. Then you can tender these additional reports as well as the primary design specification documents to at least 2-3 builders.

Background check  

Before calling each of the builders for interviewing, you should check up their past projects and record their customers’ testimonials. When you get positive feedbacks from most customers of a particular builder, you will be able to trust your builder.

Deciding on a builder

After assessing the testimonials of the builders and interviewing them you will have to finally choose one. The builder who has got real extensive experience and supporting proof, and has a long list of clients to talk about their work is always a good choice.

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