Kitchen Design Tips for Property Investors

Posted On Sunday, 27 September 2020 15:55

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and when you are selling a property it is often the room that buyers fall in love with first. The right kitchen can help you make a quick sale, cutting down on costs, and helping you achieve a better return on your investment.

Here are some kitchen design tips for property investors that can help you get the right kitchen style for prospective buyers, and get you a quick sale and maybe some extra profit.

You Can Save Without Compromising on Style

When renovating a property, it is easy to get carried away and spend more than you should, especially when spending money on the kitchen.

Many savvy property developers use sites like eBay and Gumtree to buy used kitchens that are in a nearly new condition to save money on a fitted kitchen and appliances. Some people will move into a property and want to change the kitchen right away, and there are often entire kitchens available that are barely used available for less online. 

You will need a competent craftsman to fit a second-hand kitchen into your space, but even accounting for this cost, the savings can still be huge, and any saving you make is extra profit for your pocket down the line.

Install a Modern, Bespoke Kitchen for Less

The kitchen is often the room that ‘sells’ a home. Many prospective buyers will be only too happy to make their own style changes to the rooms of a home, but renovating a kitchen can be costly and inconvenient.

That is one of the reasons why getting a kitchen right is important if you want to sell a home quickly. Investing a larger proportion of your budget in kitchen renovation and decoration than in other rooms is a good idea, as a well-designed kitchen will often help you to sell quickly. Having a modern and bespoke kitchen installed by professionals can save you money in the long run. 

Hunter Hall Design offers a range of sleek and attractive kitchen styles available for very reasonable prices. Choosing a kitchen design from a company like this can give you the look you want for less, giving you an even better return on your overall investment in the property.

Renovate the Existing Kitchen to Save on Spending

You may find that the kitchen that exists in your property is in good condition, and presentable, and only requires some tender loving care to bring it up to the standard that buyers expect.

Simply replacing cupboard doors, countertops, tiling, or appliances can give a kitchen a brand new look without having to spend a large portion of your budget. Before you begin removing a kitchen, take a good long look at what works, and what parts are in good condition. You may only need an inexpensive ‘facelift’ to make an old kitchen look as good as new. 

When you are renovating a property, every penny you spend should generate a profit for you when the time comes for you to sell or rent. The kitchen is an important space in any home. If you spend money wisely in this room, you can generate a very profitable return on the whole house.

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