Simple Items to Make Your Home Entertainment Room Even More Exciting

Posted On Thursday, 22 October 2020 14:10

If you’re the owner of a home that has a large basement or good-sized bonus room, chances are that you may have converted the space into some type of movie room, babe cave, or haven for uninterrupted entertainment.

Most entertainment rooms have some obvious requirements such as a good-sized television set, comfy couches, and your personal selection of classic board games. However, there are some additional simple and easy things you can incorporate into your space that will make a big difference for you, the homeowner, and all who decide to visit. Here they are:

Quality shelving

Organization is key to any well-kept area in a home and in an entertainment room, even one tucked away deep in a basement where you think less people will go, it’s no different.

As there will most likely be tiny Monopoly pieces, video game consoles, and remote controls scattered across the entire room at times, a great way to tackle organizing this chaos is by purchasing some quality shelving that can act as storage for all your misplaced accessories.

A dart board

Speaking of reducing clutter, a dart board is a must-have in any entertainment space as it is lightweight and compact, making it an easy item to hang but also one that is lots of fun to play in a small group or even with just two people.

Just make sure to secure it well to the wall as the last thing you want is to be launching darts with all your strength at an unstable board.

Darts are fun and inexpensive; buying a set is a great way add one more game to your collection.

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Another common item in many entertainment rooms are pool tables, although they can tend to take up a bit of space

A good gaming table paired with comfortable seating  

An essential to any appealing entertainment room is a great gaming table that is not only stylish but also multi-functional. Because you will most likely be playing different types of games at times, whether that be poker, blackjack, or even non casino games like Gin Rummy, a sturdy wooden table topped with baize is ideal.

However, as long as its not a run-down black foldable table that is likely to break at any moment when setting it up, you can still enjoy fun table games without breaking the bank. Fancy tables are sometimes unnecessary as they provide things like cup holders which could easily be substituted for whatever coasters you already own at home. It would be much better to spend that money on some well-reviewed playing cards, like those manufactured by COPAG, which are known for their durability, rarely losing their shape even after being used over the years.

Seating is another important factor that you want to get right, as your body will most likely be in a seated position for hours on end, sipping a drink and throwing down cards. Comfortability may trump style here as its important to not feel stiff in your chair, but there are many cozy gaming chairs out there that also bring an air of sophistication with them. 

A small mini bar

Let’s be honest, entertainment rooms share one thing with wedding celebrations: does anyone really want to come if there’s not refreshing drinks offered when you get there? One way to spice up your space is to purchase a small mini bar, maybe even one on wheels, so you can be the “host with the most", filling up your visitors glasses before they hit the playing table.

If a little bar on wheels isn’t quite what you had in mind, another great option is a mini fridge. This will keep your beverages nice and cold and is easily accessible by just a pop of the door if you’re deeply entranced in a movie or video game and don’t want to walk to the kitchen for a drink.

A chalkboard/ whiteboard

Maybe the simplest item on this list, having a small chalkboard or whiteboard in your entertainment room can come in handy more than you realize.

Perfect for game nights with friends, they can be utilized in games like Pictionary, Jeopardy, Backs to the Board, and even classic Hangman. Also inexpensive and easy to store, sometimes the simplest items that you never realized you needed can elicit the most fun and entertainment!

gustavo ferreira mGMWpkCdTuU unsplash

An entertainment room is also a great place for friends to gather and cheer on their favorite sports teams together

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