How to Turn Your Home Into a Haven of Relaxation During the Next Wave of Lockdowns

Posted On Wednesday, 13 January 2021 20:49

The second wave of lockdowns is looming in a large number of areas in the country. State governments are in charge of making decisions on what businesses are allowed to stay open. Citizens are doing their best to social distance for the most part with the mask debates continuing. Staying out of public might be something that is new for you or you simply enjoy relaxing at home for a majority of the time. Turning your home into a haven of relaxation will take a proactive approach and plan. Relaxation depends on the person relaxing as some like to curl up with a book while others love to entertain. The following are tips to turn your home into a haven of relaxing with the uncertain world due to COVID-19. 

Build a Home Gym 

The home gym provides convenience that nearly any active family can enjoy. The gyms in today’s world are closed in some locations and have limited hours in others. Finding home gym equipment is quite easy if you look online for used equipment. Facebook Marketplace can be a good resource to find local fitness equipment that has been lightly used. The mirror that you have installed on the wall can give any space a feel of a gym. You might find that you only need to put in a couple of pieces of adjustable equipment and find some dumbbells. Putting in a TV can allow you to stay entertained while handling a cardio workout. You can even follow yoga workouts online by streaming your device to the TV. 

Exercising will help your mental health and mood. You do not want to come out of social distancing with excuses and quite a bit of weight gained. You can exercise as a family and bond as sitting inside watching Netflix is getting old. 

Put Up a Meditation Shed 

The stress that people are feeling after being cooped up in the home is unparalleled. Some feel like they can never get away from work as working from home can make it tough to stay motivated throughout the day. Others might just need some space from their family as they are spending more time together than ever before. Putting up a small shed can not only be affordable but add extra space to a property. Being able to go into this shed to meditate for a certain amount of time daily can help destress and improve your mental health. This area can be perfect if you have a masseuse come to the home regularly. 

Create an Entertainment Area in the Basement 

The basement has been used in history for storage by a number of homeowners. For this versatile space, using this as storage is truly underestimating the potential of the basement. The sound insulation in most basements means you can have a party without worrying about bothering the neighbors with noise. You can use a projection screen easily in the basement as it usually is darker than the rest of the home over the course of the day/night. 

Finishing the floors is likely going to be a task in the basement to make the space livable/usable. Clearing out things being stored that can be sold/thrown out is also essential. Enlisting the help of a contractor can turn this space into an entertainer’s paradise. Your budget will impact how much you can do to the basement but this can be considered the entertainment budget that you haven’t used throughout 2020. 

The basement can also be used for a teenager that wants privacy in their living space. An office can also be created as it is nothing but a nightmare working in the kitchen with the entire family home. Productivity dips immensely when there is not a dedicated area for remote work.

Install a Water Softener

The small details matter when you are going to be home for extended periods. Your hair and clothes being softer to the touch are important. You want to be able to curl up on the couch in soft clothes these which might seem impossible if you have hard water. Water softening systems can provide soft water that is easier on your skin. You need to look for reliability with these systems as replacing them early can cost thousands of dollars. Look for brands known to be durable regardless of how much they are utilized. 

The next wave of lockdowns can be seen as a relaxation period with the right changes to your home. Take the time to create a list of improvements that will help add to the relaxation element in your life. 

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