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Posted On Thursday, 25 February 2021 22:24

Deciding to change a career is a big decision. Whether you had your hand forced due to the ongoing pandemic, with your industry hit hard, or have been feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated at your current place of work. There are various reasons why people choose a career change. 

With experts estimating that the average person in the United States will switch their career path at the age of 39, there is little surprise that more people are searching for quick and easy ways to retrain to be as prepared as possible for their new venture.

An increase in online schooling and classes have made choices like this a lot easier, with most major colleges and universities offering students of all ages the opportunity to sit one or all their classes online. 

If you are in the process of swapping careers or are simply interested in finding out more about the quickest degree programs that are available, look no further. Detailed below is a helpful guide that we have compiled of the most popular and quickest degree programs that are on offer. Find your new career inspiration here and read on for more! 

Real Estate Broker

Studying to be a real estate broker does not take as long as some people presume. While there are many things to know as a real estate agent, there are numerous courses available that fast-track and streamline the process so that you will be selling people their dream properties in no time! While there are several real estate schools available online and offline, there are specific qualifications and experiences required to qualify for the course, including being older than 18 and having a valid high school diploma. 

It can be challenging to know how to begin and apply for a course like this if you are in the early stages of your searching process. Take the time to read all the resources available and get advice to ensure that you make the right choice. With a little research and hard work you should be able to find the perfect path into your dream career as a real estate broker.  

Business Administration

This degree is undoubtedly something that suits those who are looking for a career change into the business sector but are not 100 percent sure about the precise role that they want. Generally speaking, a degree like this would take a few years to complete. However, with the development of the technological world and the increase in online classes becoming available, there is an option to complete this course in a fraction of the time. 

Business administration courses provide students with a well-rounded, varying range of modules, ranging from financial accounting, marketing, business law, and managerial financing. By possessing a varied knowledge of the things required to work in the business administration world, you are sure to excel in your new career and build your way up the ladder shortly. 

Medical Assisting Services

This is a suitable foot in the door for those wanting to venture into the medical profession and gives you a relevant insight into the types of careers you can expect further down the line. Medical assistants are a vital part of any medical team, no matter the healthcare setting they are based in. Medical assistants provide clerical and administrative support to the broader team, freeing up time for them to attend to other responsibilities that they might have. 

A degree program like this allows you to go on to do an Associate degree and many other healthcare-based ones as well. You will be providing a sought-after service that is in demand, with some experts estimating that the United States will need a further 11 million nurses by 2026 to avoid a shortage. You will be providing a caring service to those who need it while earning knowledge and skills that can be carried through your career. Not to mention, you will have progression opportunities while making a decent living. What more could you need to encourage you to take the leap and change your career? 

One thing that must be noted when changing careers, or when even considering it, is that you need to do the research. Are you able to do your chosen degree program online, or will it entail some aspects of face-to-face teaching, such as that with the healthcare professions? While there is a vast range of online courses available to do in a short space of time, it is still vital that this is a detail that is checked before leaving your current role. 

Finally, do not be afraid! Millions of people have come before you who have changed their careers at some point in their lives, and you could be one of them. If this is something that you feel strongly about and something that you genuinely want, then go for it!

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