How do I choose my first home?

Posted On Friday, 05 March 2021 20:58

Finding a place to live, whether it is in a condo or a home, is just as much about your emotional investment as it is about your financial investment in your home and future. You don’t want to put a whole lot of money in a house that you’re going to resent being in because it is missing some of the features that you would’ve liked to have. Thankfully this can be avoided by working with an experienced and licensed real estate agent who knows what kind of questions homebuyers should be asking so they can narrow down what they want. These questions include:

• What kind of neighborhood energy, vibe, and environment do I want to live in?
• What type of businesses is important to me to have nearby?
•  What kind of recreational activities are important to me, and how close in proximity do I want to live near them?
• What do I want to do in my home? What kind of rooms and ideas have I always wanted but wasn’t sure I could get?

A real estate agent’s job is to know the market and to show you condos, townhomes, and single-residence homes that best match what you are looking for within the budget that you have said. So when you start with these questions, you give them a chance to really zone-in on finding new properties that can make your homeownership dreams come true.

Think About The Future

Are you planning on having kids? Do you plan on raising them in this home or moving after a few years? Are there extra spaces, such as lofts, that can be converted to bedrooms as your children grow? All these questions matter because you have to decide how many bedrooms you have to accommodate for how many people. It also is a major factor in the safety of your home. A property with a pool, for example, or on the water will need a protective barrier installed in order to keep your children safe.

Location matters. If you are a family that cares a lot about education and culture, then a community close to museums, art galleries, and libraries may be the right choice for you. Some cities have very strong parks and recreation programs that provide fun outdoor opportunities for families, such as barbecue grills, basketball courts, aquatic centers, and tennis.

Transportation and Proximity to Roads

In some areas, it’s more of a hassle to own a car, which could require a permit that is paid monthly or annually and can’t guarantee that someone won’t take your spot. In other areas driving is one of the main ways of getting around, but in order to avoid traffic, drivers must pay for tolls. How you want to get around will play a part in where you should look for a new home.

Another reason why it’s important to think about transportation and roads is because of the noise that you may hear. Living next to a highway seems great at first when you consider that you won’t be fighting neighborhood traffic to get to a freeway, but the trade-off is that you will hear that noise throughout the day at night. And if there is an accident then that that means that you will be listening to sirens and traffic.

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