Thinking of Selling Your Home? You Need to Wasp-Proof Your Property

Posted On Tuesday, 15 June 2021 21:29

The presence of wasps around a home can be a significant nuisance to homeowners and their families, but it can also impact the ability to sell the house at its highest value. Since they multiply quickly, they can often find ways to enter your home — mainly if your home hasn’t been recently updated.

When it comes to an active nest that may be too close to the home, it’s best to avoid tampering with an active nest. In that case, it’s best to look for wasp nest removal in Toronto in order to ensure they’re removed from your home safely.

There are several steps homeowners must take in order to sell their home successfully, and identifying and removing wasps is one detail that should not be overlooked. Here’s what you need to know.

Patching Up Cracks

The small cracks in and around your home are like a welcome mat for wasps and other minor bugs. If your home has loose siding, it’s often easy for wasps to enter, and you risk a greater chance of nests being built inside your home. If your siding is weathered, chances are you have vulnerable entry points that need to be addressed.

The same can be said for the windows and doors of the home — especially if you have wooden frames around both. Older homes often have weathered wooden frames, which can attract wasps. Suppose you have severe cracks around your windows and doors. In that case, you may want to consider fully replacing them with updated models — modern windows and doors are often designed with wasp prevention in mind, among other benefits such as energy efficiency and stylistic upgrades.

DIY Wasp Traps

If your wasp problem is less severe or if you’re thinking of preventive measures, a DIY trap may be enough for your household. Setting up traps in the early days of spring is a good starting point — additionally, creating your own traps can save you money which means you keep more dollars in your pocket to put towards your new home.

There are several ways to create a wasp trap at home, but they all have key ingredients — namely, something sweet like sugar water, which entices them into the trap and then they’re unable to escape. Typically, a water bottle is used to lure them inside — simply by taking off the top of a two-litre bottle and proceeding to invert it. You can then place the trap outdoors wherever you’ve seen active wasps or in an area where you’re looking to prevent their presence.

Change Your Landscaping

While planting bright flowers around your home is often recommended, especially when it comes to resale values, these flowers can entice wasps closer to your property since they feed off the flower’s nectar. Instead, consider planting simple shrubs or succulents in the front of the home. You still have the advantage of a visually appealing yard, but you’ve taken steps to eliminate the risk of wasps surrounding your home. This is a unique compromise that will still benefit your family when selling your home.

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