Techniques for creating real estate marketing videos for Instagram that keep the audience captivated

Posted On Thursday, 17 June 2021 13:21

The use of videos for real estate marketing seems obvious because this type of marketing thrives on images. Property buyers are keen to view the property in detail. Providing them a virtual tour of the property can be highly rewarding for marketers due to the superior engagement generated by video content. Therefore, using videos for marketing real estate is no more a choice but an essential requirement. With its five different options for uploading videos of varying lengths, Instagram is the most preferred platform for real estate marketers.  Instagram allows incredible flexibility to marketers who can upload videos of any length from 3 seconds to above 60 seconds. It is up to the marketers to use the most captivating videos to boost the business's bottom line.

While you can upload professionally created videos by expert video makers, which most big companies usually do, smaller companies too can exploit the opportunity of video marketing on Instagram by shooting videos on their own from the in-built camera of the app.  Instagram has broken all barriers to entry in video marketing. Having a smartphone aided by creative thinking is all that marketers need to create their video content suited for Instagram. However, it is important to care for the quality of the content to ensure that it garners maximum views that propels it towards high popularity. To kickstart the campaign, it is advisable to buy Instagram views that help the content gain instant popularity and trigger organic views. 

The following video marketing tips on Instagram can help the campaign gain more momentum in the long run.

Plan and set clear goals

Keeping videos restricted within 60 seconds or shorter ensures better engagement because of the lack of patience of viewers. Knowing that they are viewing some promotional content and not movies, viewers expect a brief but effective interaction that helps to gather all necessary information and knowledge. As marketers have too little time to create a narrative, they must be clear about for whom they are making the video and its purpose. Videos for attracting new followers will be different from those meant for driving traffic or interacting with followers personally. Once you know what you need, it will set the tone and feel of the video.

Tell a story

People love stories, and you must tell some story through your video by planning how the story will play out. The story must have a beginning, middle, and end and allocate the time for each segment. Start your video with an eye-catching scene because Instagram videos start playing on their own as users scroll through the feed. Making a solid opening will set your video apart from the rest as it will arouse the interest of viewers who will be eager to see the full video. Then, add a call to action towards the end of the video that prompts viewers to engage with the brand.

 Lighting for your video

Instagram videos need not be the epitome of aesthetics, but it should be of acceptable quality that attracts viewers and keep them engaged. Since you want to communicate something as much directly as possible by using the video, portrait-style videos where a person faces the camera while remaining seated or standing stationary while talking to the audience is the most common format. Try to shoot under natural light and avoid overhead lighting as it can result in some unusual and obstructive visual effects that mar the appeal. To improve the lighting conditions, be creative and use diffused lighting with the help of paper reflectors that give a smooth tone to the images. To block unwanted light sources, you can use black plastic. 

Shooting your video

The best way to shoot videos is with your smartphone camera, or if you are comfortable with a DSLR camera, you can use it too. But the choice will depend on the video feature of Instagram where you want to upload the video because if you upload it on Instagram Live or Reels, you must use the built-in camera of the app for shooting the video.  

To create the right quality of the video, stick to the following guideline.

Video orientation – Shoot the video either in portrait or landscape mode as Instagram does not crop videos anymore. 

Focus on the subject – To ensure undivided viewers without any distraction, shoot by focusing on the subject only. Be specific about what you want to focus on - the subject's face or on any prop beside the subject.

Shoot steady - Place your camera on a tripod stand or hold the smartphone securely within your hand with proper support to the elbows, if needed to ensure that you can shoot steadily by avoiding camera shake. 

Be selective in the way you tell your story so that it not only fits within the short span of 60 seconds but sustains the interest of viewers. 

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