5 Things That Hold You Back When Selling Your House

Posted On Thursday, 17 June 2021 13:30

Have you staged your house for sale over the last couple of months, and you’re yet to close any deal?  Well, probably, you have some areas that you need to check on before you continue with the sale. Normally, it’s believed that it should take a few weeks for your property to sell.  

However, getting a buyer can be a stressful thing if it’s the first time you’re selling a property. The tactics to employ in the real property market can be elusive to many first-time sellers. Having people come to inspect your house each time and no deal coming through may feel like an infringement of your privacy, although you’ve invested in preparing the house for sale.  

In case you live in Gainsville, selling your house shouldn’t be stressful for you can sell your Gainsville home today as it is. In this article, you’ll see some of the things that might be preventing the quick sale of your property. 

1. You Have Repair Issues 

These are probably the number one turn-off for any potential customer. It's difficult for someone looking for a house to negotiate a deal with you if they find yours having major repair issues. Therefore, get professionals to fix certain problems, like leaking roofs, blocked drainage, broken kitchen cabinets, cracked walls, and broken window panes. 

Even though your customers may not outrightly tell you that they don’t like your home, they may just give a false assurance of contacting you later. Once they leave, you never hear from them. The reason could be the existence of unattended repair issues.  

2. You Have Unrealistic Price 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling your home by yourself or you’re using a realtor. Putting the right price tag on your house is very critical. Do comparative market research for your property. Assess the value of properties in the neighborhood. Also, check the standards of other houses, as well as their respective prices.  

You could be selling an old home and expecting to fetch the same amount as the modern houses around. If need be, get a valuer to help you correctly determine the amount for which you should sell your house.  

3. Failure To Depersonalize Your House 

Depersonalizing is a critical step you shouldn’t ignore before staging your house. Remove all things that make the house feel like you still own it. Your clients don't need to see your family photos, so remove them from the walls. Go ahead and remove souvenirs, artwork, and kids' drawings that are on display on the fridge.  

When you’re still having these personal touches in your house, your prospective customers won’t be able to visualize how they may transform it to suit their own preferences. So, if you want to give your potential buyers the best feel of your house, depersonalize it completely.  

4. Skimped Listing Photos 

Many home buyers will go online to search for homes in their preferred areas. After they’ve come across your property, they’ll look at the pictures. You’ll only hurt your selling efforts if you take poor-quality pictures. On the other hand, investing in a good camera or smartphone can set you above and stand out.  

Quality photos should be crisp and clear, and shot during the day, using natural light. A camera with a big lens will capture a bigger area, which would enable the buyer to see as many details as possible. Not all people know how to capture real estate photos. So, hire an expert real estate photographer for quality photos. You can also add videos as you walk your customers through the rooms, corridors, and yard.  

5. Lack Of Insurance 

Sometimes, misfortunes can happen within the premises of your house. As your customers walk around to check your property, they may suffer from injuries and want to sue you. A buyer would feel more secure to visit places that have an insurance policy.  

Even with insurance, ensure that there are no accident-causing items or fixtures in your compound. You may need to have a buffer around the swimming pool so that children accompanying their parents aren’t in danger. If you have a hostile dog, you may need to cage them when you’re expecting customers.  


Avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes can be the miracle that you need in order to sell your house fast. Ensure that nothing’s left that’d jeopardize the success of your sale. Repair all areas that need fixing, and set the price of your house according to the prevailing market price of properties similar to yours. Furthermore, be willing to negotiate, stage your house using professional photos, and depersonalize your house.

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