Roof Maintenance Checklist

Posted On Thursday, 17 June 2021 13:46

Whether you built your own home and put a new roof in or live in a home with a roof that was put in before you moved in, you know how important your roof is. It provides protection against the elements and keeps you and your family safe. Unfortunately, those same elements impact the roof and may compromise how long it lasts. And since this is not something any homeowner relishes having to change, it is vital that you take the time to maintain it. Here is a list of items on your roof that might need your attention, just to get you started.

Keep Tree Branches Away from Your Roofline

No matter how much you love those big, leafy trees around your property, make sure to trim their branches. Trees can be guilty of damaging your roof either because too many leaves accumulate on it, retaining moisture, or because the branches can scrape the finish off your roof through constant scraping in windy conditions. Also, tree branches can damage your roof during storms by falling on it.

Keep Valleys and Gutters Free of Debris

Any material that accumulates in your gutters or in your roof’s valleys becomes a moisture trap. Bunches of wet leaves in gutters clog them and prevent them from doing their job of keeping water off your roof. And if you allow leaves and other debris to sit in your roof’s valleys for a long time, your roof shingles may end up rotting and needing to be replaced.

Wash Your Roof

You do not want algae and other debris to find a home on your roof. If left untouched throughout the year, you may find that your shingles have started to rot. Although some staining on your roof is normal, you may have to do some investigation in areas that appear warped or moist before you start the cleaning process. Also, read your roof’s warranty and find out if there are special requirements as to how often your roof needs to be washed for the warranty to still be valid.

If you feel confident that you can clean the roof on your own, do so with a mixture of equal parts water and bleach or find a more ecological alternative. Otherwise, call a professional to do this for you. You do not want to risk any injuries.

Seal all Walls and Vents

Any point of your roof that is not properly sealed will allow water to enter the property. Not only will the roof get damaged, but the entire structure of the home may be affected.

Call your roofer to have these spots sealed every couple of years. Between your roofer’s visits, keep an eye on these potential problem spots to make sure no water is seeping in.

Do A Complete Walk Through the Property

Visually inspect your property for any worrisome signs. Look at your shingles and make a note of those that may need to be replaced. Go to the attic and look for any signs of water damage. Universal Roofing & Exteriors wants to remind you that if the area where you live has recently had a storm, you should check for possible roof damage as soon as possible. You don’t want to allow water to start coming into the home and causing any trouble.

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