6 Key Factors to Consider When Looking for a New Office Space in Dubai

Posted On Wednesday, 23 June 2021 20:55

Searching for an office space is a crucial part of setting up and running a business. Whether you are opening your first company or your second one, unless you are establishing a virtual firm, you have to go through the process of finding the right workspace.

If you are opening a business in Dubai, the good news is that you have several options to choose from. You can select among different types and locations, thereby allowing you to find one that meets all your needs, including the required size and your budget.  

However, the numerous options can also pose a challenge. Narrowing down your choices can take some time, which can affect your timeline for opening your business.

Finding the Perfect Office Premises in Dubai

If you are still beginning your search for an office space in Dubai, here are six factors you need to consider to find the ideal one in the speediest time possible:

1. Location

Your office address in Dubai will play a crucial role in helping you establish your company’s reputation and fuelling the growth of your business. Because of this, narrow down your options by finding the best location for your workspace first.

Dubai Festival City is one of the most sought-after business addresses in the city today. This is primarily because of its accessibility — it is only 10 minutes away from Dubai International Airport and 20 minutes away from the Dubai Academic City by car, cab, or bus.

Business Bay, Al Garhoud, Jumeirah, the Dubai Marina, Nad Shamma, Umm Ramool, and Ras Al Khor are within a reasonable distance as well.

The Festival Tower, in particular, is a popular office building in Dubai Festival City. It is accessible through Al Rebat Street, Business Bay Crossing, and Garhoud Bridge.

The building is also regularly serviced by bus links and taxis. Because of this, your clients and employees won’t have difficulties reaching you.

This will encourage people to visit your office and help your employees avoid tardiness and become more productive.

When taking the location of your potential office into consideration, don’t forget to factor in the reputation of the area, too. If you want your company to enjoy a sense of prestige, you have to choose a prominent part of Dubai that can elevate your company name and boost its standing.

2. Amenities

You can’t run a business without a telephone, Internet connection, and other utilities and amenities.

Because of this, you also have to look into the amenities, features, and services you can get from the office space you will rent.

Find out if the space is already equipped with a landline and Internet connection. If not, get some details on how fast you can get them and what requirements you need.

Additionally, if you plan to meet clients in your office, you will do well to consider looking for space that has a reception area and a conference room. 

Lastly, look into other important features, such as pantry and storage, to give your employees additional convenience once they start working.

3. Parking space

Having a fully equipped, furnished, and attractive office is not enough today. To run an efficient and successful business, you also need parking spaces for yourself, your employees, and guests.

Parking space availability is a must if you and your employees own vehicles. With this amenity, you and anyone in your team with a car can do away with the worries and inconvenience of looking for a parking space every day.

Additionally, know that your clients will have a more pleasant experience when they visit your office and have a place where they can park. This is a perk that will make them want to come back again.

If there is limited or lack of parking in your preferred building, look into neighbouring parking lots so that your employees and clients can have easy access to this amenity.

4. Size and layout

Office size requirements depend on the number of employees you have and the type of business activity your company specialises in. However, according to the Dubai Economic Department, the minimum acceptable space is 200 square feet.

Whether you need a space that meets this requirement or you require something bigger, you have to ensure it is spacious enough to accommodate all the essential furniture and equipment and your employees.

Decide what kind of layout you want your office to have as well. Whether you want to create different zones or have an open floor plan, the premises should be able to accommodate the changes you want to implement.

Aside from ensuring the office is spacious enough for your employees and changes in the layout, find out to what extent you can make improvements or renovations to the premises. Some landlords will allow the installation of cabinets or partitions quickly, while others may not.  

If you have a specific layout and design for your office, ask the agent or landlord if you can implement them in their property.

5. Possibility for expansion

When viewing possible office spaces, think about how flexible they are in case you need to expand.

Keep in mind that when you enter a lease, you are tying your business to that space. When your company starts growing at a rapid rate, you may need to expand your office.

An expansion may likely force you to look for a better building that can give you more space and facilities to accommodate more employees and additional activities.

To avoid the hassles of moving offices, think about the future and ask the realtor or landlord if the building or business centre can offer you more facilities or bigger office space in the future to meet your expansion needs.

6. Price

Lastly, pricing is often considered the biggest factor when setting up a new office.

A good rule of thumb you should remember is to never choose an office space with monthly rental rates that will become a burden on your budget.

However, it’s not the only monthly rent you should consider; you should also think about the fit-out and utilities. You have to take into account all these costs since you will pay for them every month.

Additionally, if you are really interested in an office, request a lease agreement and read it thoroughly. Check the fine print for any stipulations regarding hidden fees. If you do not agree with them, speak with the realtor or landlord and find out if you can have them amended.  

Ultimately, your office should be worth the money you will spend on it every month.

Having office space will uplift your business prospects in Dubai. When you consider these six key factors in your search for your premises, you will find the best one that meets all your needs.

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