Custom Shower Doors: 5 Smart Ways To Revamp Your Home Value

Posted On Tuesday, 21 September 2021 21:00

If you want to add value to your house, there’s no shortage of choices out there that’ll help you accomplish just that. While many homeowners consider spending money on renovating rooms and expanding their property, others go for simpler yet impactful options such as investing in custom shower doors.

Changing up your bathroom would improve the overall value of your house. In many instances, it may help you sell your home faster. But even if you don't plan on putting your property on the market, a shower door upgrade will allow you to increase the functionality of your bathroom. Here are some of the ways you can make the most of custom shower doors:

  1. 1. Go For Frameless Shower Doors

When you renovate your bathroom, you have several choices for keeping your shower enclosed. There’s the usual shower curtain, inexpensive sliding doors, or a glass shower door. Of course, your budget would affect your final decision for the project. 

However, many homeowners have chosen to get frameless shower doors for their bathroom remodels in recent years as they have many advantages. As one of the room's most significant components, the shower sets the tone for the rest of the space, so it should have a well-thought-out design. Using high-quality shower doors would boost the bathroom's appearance and make it easier for you to keep the rest of the space as dry as possible.

The shower area may be fully or partially enclosed, and the door can either be hinged or sliding. The design of the shower door may be customized according to your preferred style, be it classic or modern, and it can be adjusted to suit your budget. Have your custom shower doors made to suit your taste with different kinds of glass and beveling.

  1. 2. Transform The Bathroom With Custom Shower Doors 

Another advantage of custom glass shower doors is their capacity to alter the ambience of a bathroom completely. They make it possible for you to clearly see what’s behind them. In other words, frameless shower doors and walls can highlight the work done within the shower, such as the installation of gorgeous marble tiles.

Without a frame to obstruct the view, the shower seems more like an extension of the space rather than an isolated alcove. If you've invested a lot of money in upgrading your shower area, you can effortlessly show it off with a frameless shower door.

  1. 3. Get Custom-Fit Doors To Save Space

Not everyone has a standard-size shower. If that’s true for you, a shop-bought glass door may not be suitable for it, so going for a custom-fit option is highly advisable. With this, you won’t risk getting the incorrect shower door that would only be a hassle to return or replace.

If you don't like any of the designs that prefab doors come in, you may choose a custom-cut glass shower door that would give you more aesthetic freedom. Keep in mind that a substandard or defective shower door may lead to significant long-term issues, so choose not only a beautiful but also a durable custom shower door that’ll last for years.

  1. 4. Choose Doors With Low-Maintenance Coating

One of the benefits of frameless shower doors is that they’re low-maintenance. Because they don't have a frame that collects filth, they don't need as much cleaning as conventional shower doors. Squeegeeing down the length of the glass is enough to maintain its immaculate appearance with little effort on your part. But while doing so regularly is good practice, many people worry about glass shower doors losing their shine over time.

Having panels with low-maintenance coating installed may help resolve the issue. The term 'low-maintenance coating' refers to an invisible layer of coating added to the surface of the glass during the production process. This protects it against hard water, soap scum, and other environmental pollutants and ensures that it’ll always look brand-new.

  1. 5. Create An Illusion Of Space Using Custom Shower Doors

If you have a bathtub, having a heavy or dark shower curtain around it makes the area much smaller than it actually is. Substituting that with transparent, frameless shower doors visually expands the space.

Custom glass shower doors offer a virtually undetectable waterproof barrier. As light travels through the glass, more space seems to be created. This makes the shower enclosure appear more extensive, and prospective house buyers will get the impression that the bathroom is large and open.


A bathroom remodel is a significant investment to make, and installing custom shower doors is an important part of that particular home renovation project. You can have a better showering experience and improve the value and attractiveness of your property simply by going for frameless custom shower doors and walls. Their clean lines and basic texture will help you modernize your bathroom in an instant, which is something that prospective home buyers would also find appealing should you decide to sell your home.

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