7 Coastal Throw Pillows to Bring the Refreshing and Calming Beach Vibes to Your Home

Posted On Tuesday, 05 October 2021 20:24

Are you on a budget or too occupied to take a trip to the Bahamas or Thailand to enjoy the fascinating coastal beaches? Well, while waiting until you get there, you can bring a piece of those magnificent coastal beaches to your home. With coastal throw pillows, you can bring refreshing and calming beach vibes to your bedroom, living room, office, patio, or backyard.

You can use coastal pillows to transform your indoor and outdoor space. We have selected some of the most amazing coastal throw pillows that will bring some beach vibes to your indoor or outdoor space. These coastal pillows feature amazing designs with super soft, smooth textures.

Coast Throw Pillow By Sisi And Seb

The first coastal throw pillow on our list is the Coast Throw Pillow By Sisi And Seb. Having this cushion on your couch or sofa will bring a piece of beach vibes to your home. It has a calming and refreshing look that would help to make you feel relaxed whenever you look at it. It features a high-quality coast print on it, making it look like a real coast.

The design is on both sides of the pillow, and it will never fade away regardless of how you use it. If you want to use it outdoors, you should opt for the outdoor variant, as it is made with a material that can resist water and stain. This cushion is also easy to maintain, as you can toss it in the washing machine when it is dirty.

Pastel Beach Throw Pillow

Next up, we have the Pastel Beach Throw Pillow. If you are looking for great coastal throw pillows that would always remind you of how beautiful and refreshing the beach is, then this is the right option for you. It features a realistic design, and its design would add some serenity and calm to your room.

The color layout on the pillow is also comforting and calming. It is designed to bring a refreshing and cool vibe to your living space. Interestingly, you can use this cushion almost anywhere – indoors and outdoors. It is made with the finest quality material that will not disappoint you regardless of how use it. It is also safe to wash it with a machine.

Beach People Throw Pillow

The Beach People Throw Pillow is another beautiful coastal cushion that holds a lot of beach vibe. The design on this pillow is stunning, and it would fit perfectly into any modern décor. It has different colors, which makes it ideal for use on different colors of couches, sofas, beds, chairs, and more.

It has a versatile design and you can use it in the living room, bedroom, office, lounge, car, patio, garden, and more. This cushion will make you feel like you are at the beach, bringing back some fascinating memories. This coastal throw pillow is made of polyester, which is a soft yet highly durable material. It provides a comfortable feel, and you can use it as a headrest.

Busy Beach Throw Pillow

The Busy Beach Throw Pillow will be bringing all the beach vibes and fun down to your living space. It features a fine print of beach settings on it. The crystal clear water and beach sand will make you feel like you are right there at the beach. The cushion has different colors, with sky blue being the dominant color. It would sit perfectly on a sofa or couch with a blue or yellow accent.

When it comes to construction, this cushion is hand-stitched. It is also made with a high-quality material that will serve you for years without any wear and tear. You can also wash this cushion with a machine and its color and shape would remain intact.

Sea Blues Throw Pillow

If you like gazing at the sky while at the beach, then you will appreciate the fascinating design of this throw pillow. The Sea Blues Throw Pillow features a real painting of a blue sea and the sky. This cushion has different shades of blue, and it would blend with white or black sofas, couches, or chairs.

The cushion is very beautiful, and it has a calming and refreshing look. It also feels very soft and comfortable, which means you can also use it as a headrest. It has a square shape, and it will not lose its form or shape regardless of how you use or wash it.

Palm Sky 3 Throw Pillow

The Palm Sky 3 Throw Pillow will bring that serene atmosphere of a beach to your home. The design on this cushion is breathtaking, and it would transform the look and feel of any space. This cushion will arrest the attention of anyone that walks into your room because of its outstanding design and color.

The print on this cushion will not fade away, even after several years. It is also machine washable and dryable. These coastal pillows are available in three sizes – 20 by 20 inches, 18 by 18 inches, and 16 by 16 inches. The smaller size is great for cars while the medium size is great for offices, lounges, and more.

Blue Coastal Lagoon Throw Pillow

The Blue Coastal Lagoon Throw Pillow features a unique design. It has a realistic painting with a great color combination. The perfect color match makes this cushion ideal for use in the living room, bedroom, patio, office, lounge, and more.

The color contract is impressive, and it looks very attractive. It would sit perfectly on gray or white sofas or couches. Thanks to the high-quality material used to make this pillow, you can use it for years without any issues. It also has an outdoor variant that resists water and stain, which means you can use it in your patio or backyard.


The coastal throw pillows on this list will help to create beach vibes in your home, bringing the beach experience right to your doorstep. You can get more coastal pillows and thousands of art throw pillows with different styles, colors, vibes, shapes, and designs on the AllAboutVibe store.

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