5 Practical Reasons To Work In A Shared Workspace

Posted On Monday, 25 October 2021 20:13

Shared workspaces used to be a not-so-popular concept in the past. Professionals didn’t seem to like the idea of being in a different place, working at an unfamiliar desk, and being surrounded by people they don’t know. However, times have changed, and through the years, the way people conduct business has also transformed in more ways than one.

Many are starting to see the advantages of coworking spaces. Whether you’re a business owner, a private employee, or a freelancer, considering this work setup might be a good idea. If you’re interested to find out why, here are some practical reasons that could convince you to start working in a shared workspace:

1. Lower Operational Costs

If you own a business, you know how expensive it can be to run and maintain an office for employees. Aside from the building or space you need to buy, rent, or lease, you have to allocate a budget for furniture, equipment, office supplies, janitorial services, and other essential components required to run your operations. Add to that the electricity and water costs you’ll be dealing with as well.

Among the benefits of a shared office space are lower operational costs. The monthly payment you need to shell out for the space is significantly lower than what you’d typically spend for your own workspace. Even when you’re working alone as a freelancer, keeping a private office can also be costly. With a collaborative office space, the monthly payment already includes shared amenities and perks you can enjoy at an extra cost.

This benefit is highly attractive to small business owners who don’t have the budget to acquire their own physical office. Instead of spending money on leasing or buying a building, you can look for a shared workspace and use the money you get to save for other business expenses. You may even use it to grow or scale your enterprise.

2. Prime Location

If you try looking for available shared workspaces, you’ll realize that they all have something in common—their prime location. Collaborative offices are often located in prime areas where everything’s accessible.

From public transportation to restaurants and similar establishments, your office will be surrounded by all that you need. You no longer have to worry about exhausting walks or long commutes just to have lunch or buy something after work.

3. A Great Place For Networking

Businesses rely heavily on contacts and networks. If you’re a new business owner or a freelancer who’s just starting to carve your name in the industry, meeting the right people can take you places.

A shared workspace means serious business, and it’ll surely be filled with other business-minded people like you and your employees. You get to meet individuals from different industries, converse with professionals whose goals are as visionary as yours, and be part of a community that strongly fosters a sense of working and supporting one another regardless of business nature or industry.

4. Impressive Work Address

Business is all about building credibility, and it sure won’t impress your potential clients if your business card has a home address. If you’re working in a shared workspace, you get the benefit of using their address whenever you have to provide your official work information. It sends the right message to your clients and business contacts if you have an impressive work address where they can send mail or drop by personally whenever they’re in the area.

5. Increased Motivation And Productivity

Working at home has its perks, but you can’t deny that it can sometimes (or often) make you feel lazy or demotivated to get things done. Knowing that the bed or couch is just a few steps away can make you feel less interested in working. You also tend to procrastinate and set things aside.

Working in a shared office space can help you focus better and remain motivated from start to finish. Just the thought of being surrounded by busy people who are all striving to reach their targets and meet their deadlines can already be motivation enough for you to do the same. As a result, your productivity will increase, and next thing you know, you’ve accomplished in a day what usually takes at least a week if you’re working at home on your own.

Final Thoughts 

More and more businesses and professionals turn to shared workspaces because of several practical reasons. If you want to cut operational costs, have an impressive work address, and increase your productivity at work, you might want to consider this work setup. To add, collaborative offices offer an excellent place for networking, and since they’re usually located in prime areas, you can conveniently access your office and accomplish your tasks ahead of schedule. 

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