How to Sell Your House at the Open House! With or Without an Agent.

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I hate to brag but, here I go. The majority of my listings I sold last year, I sold at the Open House. I's unheard of. Honestly though, I have to say that it felt good. Really good. But, this anomaly didn't just happen by itself. It took some strategic planning, as well as some pavement pounding...but, it paid off in the end. So, no matter if you have an agent or you are selling your home yourself...these secrets will help you sell your house fast, or even at your first open house! So, please share with your agent.

Launch a "Coming Soon" Campaign

There are some agents that cringe when it comes to this concept, due to the extra work involved, as well as the legality of it. But, if you do it is totally legal and will sell your house before you can say "Sign Where?". So, what exactly is a "coming soon" campaign you ask?! Well, let me explain. 

Before a home is listed in the MLS, there is a way to market it that will get it noticed. This will not only get potential homebuyers interested...but, will also create a sense of urgency when it comes to viewing the property. So, this is what you do: 

1. Put a "for sale" sign in your yard with a rider on top that says "Coming Soon" and a rider on the bottom that says "for more info, txt (your number)" one week before you list the home in MLS. 

2. Next, plan for the open house to be the first Saturday or Sunday after you officially list the home. (I have had more success on Saturdays...just saying.)

3. Create a "You're Invited" flyer about the open house and hand deliver them to houses in the neighborhood.  Flyer should include: “You’re Invited”, “Open House” and the date, "appraisal done"," move-in ready". In it, put anything you are doing special. Pre-certification, etc. I put my daughter to work on this one and it only cost me a new outfit from Old Navy. Best $40 bucks ever spent. 

4. Call Your Neighbors: Say, “We’re calling on behalf of one of your neighbors, we would love to invite you to bring a friend, family member or coworker by our open house….” A kind of "have a chance to pick your neighbors" thing. 

5. When (and if (I'm talking to you "For Sale By Owners" out there)) you list it in MLS...make sure to put in the remarks section, "No showings Until the open house on (date)." This will insure you will have an amazing turnout to the open house full of genuinely interested agents and buyers. 

6. Now it's time to get those signs out there like it's no tomorrow. I'm talking normal "One Day for OPEN House" signs. All over the place. Every nearby major intersection. No need for address or arrows...just write "Txt (your number) for info and directions. Not only will curiosity kill the cat here....but, this will also allow you to capture some possible interested buyers' phone numbers. Put out at least 20 of these badboys. (Check out for affordable signs.) Then, put arrow, more specific directionals with the specific address on closer to the home in order to get the crowds there. Especially those that have GPS user issues. 

7. Social media the heck out of it! I'm talking....Facebook, Twitter, Blog after Blog, Craigslist...if it has a www in front of it, you need to get your house all over that! You can actually go on and post your open houses. I, personally, like to make a blog for my specific open houses on Here, I list the address, price, pictures, lists of selling points (upgrades, etc.). I put this blog address on all of my advertising (signs, flyers, social media posts)'s free and easy. 

So, that's how I did the impossible of selling my listings at my open house. It doesn't take a superhero or rocket scientist to get numerous offers on that first open just takes dedication. And, of course these secret tips. 

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I wish you the best and hope you sell that baby that first open house. If you follow these steps....I'm sure you'll be signing that dotted line in no time!


Emily Benner

Real Estate Expert

PalmerHouse Properties


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