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6 Inexpensive Ways to Increase Your Garden’s Worth

Written by Posted On Thursday, 28 July 2016 22:17

Increasing the worth of your garden depicts many things about you. If anything, it speaks of your cleanliness and self-organization. It also tells to the world how much you appreciate creating value and being valued.

However, if you consider leasing your present apartment and moving to a bigger one, or you have an upcoming event which will attracts visitors, then it is very important you raise the value of your home.


Contrary to general believe, many people think increasing the worth of the interiors in your home is enough, but, the garden as a part of your home is more important and should be considered first. Remember that a first impression has no second chance.

If you’re looking at increasing the worth of your garden, these are some glistening, yet inexpensive ways to do that.

Get Inspiration

Don’t just start by creating anything. First, explore and stimulate your creative stance by checking stylish garden designs on the internet. Pinterest is a home for such creativity trigger. Take note and make sketches so that you can have your imagined style on paper or a note taking app that gives room for flexible sketching.

Use DIY sites

When it comes to domestic issues, I’ve saved cost and increased my vocational and technical skills using DIY sites. You can do the same by learning how to make things on your own. Actually, I made a gnome and artificial mushroom seats for my garden by watching videos from these sites. When you have resources like these at hand, the sky is the starting point of your innovation.

Create space for seats

Study the garden layout and carve out a large space. Provide space that’s large enough to have few seats in order to create an ambience for relaxation. Then put some well-furnished outdoor rattan furniture at the heart of your garden. This will give an ever glowing sense of relaxation and amazement for you and your guests.

Befriend the night

Why would you have a lovely garden at such and not have dinner in it? That’s impossible, right? You can create scintillating moments around your garden by adding brilliant and energy efficient fixtures. These fixtures brighten up and beautify your garden. You can also alternate this shimmer with a small and nicely arranged mini cinema.

Routine maintenance

General garden maintenance is key to the lifespan of your garden. If there’s a fact I learned the hard way, it’s the difference between preventive and curative measures. It’s very important you maintain your garden without stress. This should be aside the daily maintenance of feeding and trimming the lawn.

Leave no stone unturned

As much as possible, you should try to remove all faults from your garden. Create some perfect scenery by strategically fixing your garden loopholes. You should also improve on the existing design format, but this should be done only at your leisure.

They say the home begins at the front door but I argue. If your garden is located at the front of your building, then your home begins at your main gate entrance.

 You can open yourself to the taste of full natural habitation by having a lovely garden. With proper planning, cost effectiveness and a little of enthusiasm, you can give your garden the worth that it deserves and make it the viva garden that you’ve always dreamed about.

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Martina Angel

Martina Angel is a writer and real estate agent. She is especially interested in the purchase, ownership, management, rental and sale of real estate for profit. She also volunteers for local water conservation charities in her free time.

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