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How Using Video Chat Can Take Your Real Estate Business International

Written by Posted On Friday, 30 December 2016 18:27

The realty industry is incredibly competitive, with thousands of firms across the States vying for buyers’ and sellers’ money. As demand for housing continues to rise, and sales of new homes increasing by more than 17 percent in all areas, realtors must stay at the top of their game to secure clients in a crowded sector.


How can firms do this?


Video chat is a major communicative channel available to businesses today, allowing for face-to-face, real-time conversations around the world. While more and more businesses are exploiting video chat, realtors can gain an edge over their competitors by integrating it into their daily operations before it becomes common to every firm.


Video chat opens your realty firm up to a global client-based, accommodating people looking to invest in your area while connecting you with properties elsewhere. With a quality service, your firm can hold conversations with prospects wherever they are, transcending borders and boundaries.


Here are four ways video chat can help you expand into an international market.

Take Potential Buyers on Virtual House Tours

A local client interested in a property on your books can simply arrange a viewing at their convenience, but international buyers would face considerable upheaval to do this.


The potential buyer would be forced to take time out of their work and personal life, travel, and spend money all to see the property. With video chat, you can take prospects on virtual house tours to maximize their convenience. While you would need to compromise on scheduling, depending on the difference between time-zones, virtual tours can save considerable money and expense.


This is also better than a recorded video, as the viewer can interact with the guide, receiving direct answers to questions and asking them to focus on specific spots as they see fit.


Crisp and clear video is essential, though, to ensure the prospect sees the property in the best detail.

Record Testimonials from Satisfied Clients

Every good realty firm will have satisfied clients, and some of these may choose to recommend you to others on review sites. However, you can ask them to write pieces directly for your website, providing first-person testimonials of your quality service.


Still, other clients may be skeptical. After all, anyone can write praise and attribute it to a fictional customer. Video testimonials, on the other hand, are much more authentic.


Prospects will be able to put a face to the words, read body language, and feel a stronger sense of trust in your company. This is especially important for international clients, who may feel less secure with thousands of miles separating you from them.


Just be sure to use real clients, rather than actors. Potential customers will be able to tell scripted dialogue or practiced delivery more accurately than you might imagine.


Keep these short and to the point, and try to amass several on your site. Gather testimonials that cover the various property-types you work with.

Host Video Conferences with Colleagues

Meetings are key to ensure your team stays abreast of important events inside and outside your company. Everyone has to know about upcoming goals, potential issues, and other relevant news.


However, realtors may not be in the office at the same time very often. Visiting properties, meeting with potential buyers and sellers from abroad, and other off-site duties can keep teams separated. You may work with firms in other regions, coordinating sales on properties in their country for local buyers, or vice versa.


Video chat enables you to host conferences between colleagues across the globe in real-time, using visual materials as needed. This is much more personal than emails or voice calls, and reduces the risk of confusing miscommunications.


Face-to-face conversations also help to build trust and stronger bonds, leading to better working relationships – and, likely, better results.

Present Realty Webinars to Engage Followers

Today, there is an app for almost everything. From ordering food to playing games based on your favorite TV show, we can tap into most services on our phones.


Realty should be no different. For relatively affordable rates, realty firms can create apps, showing your catalog of properties and allow clients to contact you directly without having to find your details elsewhere.


By integrating video chat into your app, you can host live webinars for your clients and followers. Webinars are incredibly helpful for showcasing your team’s specialist skills, or for securing trust through offering useful advice. Perhaps you want to discuss tips for getting showhomes ready for viewing, or interview a housing expert. Perhaps you want to host a Q&A, inviting viewers to send questions in before answering them in real-time.


Hosting webinars on a regular basis helps to make clients or prospects feel more connected to your team, and brings a little more personality to your firm.


However, this all hinges on a quality streaming service. Viewers and clients will not tolerate lagging, dips in audio, or total blackouts. Even if you promise to deliver exceptional content or helpful communications, it means nothing without a reliable connection.


Tony Zhao, CEO of video chat company, highlights the importance of investing in quality video:


“Reaching international clients and colleagues can help to expand your realty business into new territories, but what if you’re trying to reach countries with a poor internet infrastructure or remote locations with weak connections?

“You can expect interrupted signals, frustration, and premature ends to your calls. If this happens again and again, you may well end up losing clients altogether. By integrating Agora into your app, realty firms can enjoy crisp, clear, uninterrupted video chat around the world. Our 80 global data centers help to identify the strongest route to maintain high-quality communication, filling in any dropped packets as they occur.


“An investment in quality video chat may well be an investment in your future.”


As video chat continues to become more and more integral to effective customer service, real estate businesses must embrace it sooner rather than later to stay ahead of the curve. Have you considered how video chat might help your firm grow?

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