How ReSharp Knife Sharpening Has Been Supportive to Our Homes

Written by Posted On Monday, 12 March 2018 01:25
How ReSharp Knife Sharpening Has Been Supportive to Our Homes

Knives are useful for so many purposes. They are used for cutting and chopping food ingredients in the kitchen, cutting items on a camping trip, cutting items for those into handy repairs etc. But not all knives are useful. A dull knife is practically useless. Only sharp knives have any usefulness. When a knife gets dull, the knife can’t be used unless it is sharpened.

How knives get damaged

Knives get damaged in various ways. The most common method of knife damage is buckling. It happens when knives are pressed into hard objects like hard cutting boards or stones. They also get damaged when they are bent from sideways pressure. Buckling and bending roll the ductile edge of a knife blade and damage it.

Also, when knives are subjected to high temperatures, they get damaged. Acidic substances damage knives. Tomatoes, lemons and other food items that contain little acidic properties can damage knives over time. The corrosive nature of some dishwashers also damages knives.  

How to prevent knife damage

You can prevent damage to knives by using the right knife for any task. Use a thick blade for repeated slicing and chopping meat and poultry. Use a thin blade for delicate tasks. You shouldn’t use a thick blade when the task at hand is delicate.  

Also, when using knives, try to cut items straight without any side to side movement. Side to side movements damage blades. Try to avoid using a hard cutting surface. Use a soft cutting surface.

Then clean knives after usage and oil them from time to time.  

Knife sharpening

Knives are traditionally sharpened by grinding against hard, sharp surfaces like stones. They are also sharpened by rubbing them on soft surfaces that have hard particles like sandpaper. Some people use strops to sharpen knives. Honing steel is also used for sharpening knives.  

But all the methods listed above are outdated methods. There is an innovation that has revolutionized knife cutting. This is Resharp, an invention by Dmitriy (Jim) Kolchin the inventor.


Resharp is a knife sharpening company that uses an innovative sharpening machine to sharpen knives. This machine can sharpen dull knives in just sixty seconds! Yes, you read that right. In just one minute, you can have a sharp knife.

Resharp works on bringing knives back to factory edge. Resharp uses a sharpening machine that scans the edge of knives and grinds a perfect, burr-free bevel back to the edge of the knife. The sharpening machine is fully automated and uses smart sensors to deliver groundbreaking, innovative sharpening.

Resharp sharpens knives of any length and type from short blades to long knives. They even sharpen serrated knives and knives from different manufacturers.

Their sharpening machine is the first portable, automated sharpening machine in the world. Usage of the machine doesn’t involve any checking to determine if the knife is sharp or not. The sharpening machine uses smart tools to know if a knife is sharp or not. The machine uses a microscopic camera to detect a burr which is a sign that shows that the knife has reached optimal sharpness.

The sharpening machine they use can store multiple knives, be it a collection of hunting knives for outdoor enthusiasts or a collection of kitchen knives for the stay-at-home mom.   


Previously, knife sharpening involved a lot of crude, unsophisticated methods that take a lot of time and are not that effective. The previous knife sharpening methods were also noisy and had a chance of injuring users. The technology used by Resharp solves all these problems.

The Ace hardware Resharp machine has been supportive to various homes. It has helped so many homes to have sharp knives that will perform any task excellently.

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