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The swimming pool is one of the elements of relaxation and leisure preferred by many people. The swimming pools in the domestic sphere, as well as in the hotel sector and in any other one, are a great attraction to attract people. Having a swimming pool is the great illusion of many people, but, just like almost any other element, a swimming pool requires adequate maintenance, so knowing how to clean swimming pools is essential, whether you have a swimming pool.

Without a doubt, the issue of cleaning a swimming pool, whether it's cleaning an empty swimming pool or cleaning maintenance swimming pools without draining it, is a subject of absolute relevance for many people and it could be added that it is of potential interest for everyone, For this reason, in this article we are going to delve into the way to properly maintain and clean a swimming pool.

The importance of a good swimming pool cleaning

The swimming pools provide us with a great level of comfort, comfort and provide many and very good possibilities but that this is so important to maintain them properly and is that a pool neglected and without proper maintenance can come to represent an important problem, for that reason an adequate cleaning of swimming pools is more than important.

As mentioned having a nice swimming pool is the dream of many people, but many of these people later are hopeless for the maintenance and cleanliness that they require. It really is not that it is something very complex and much less something unattainable but obviously the pools are not cleaned by themselves and cleaning them regularly is an obligation of any owner of a pool.

And it is that as it was indicated also an inadequate cleaning of a swimming pool can suppose a serious problem, or rather it can suppose a serious problem in many fields. On the one hand, of course, we have the aesthetic problem that a dirty and neglected pool generates, this aesthetic problem is a serious problem that can disrupt all other efforts to maintain a nice house, or a place, nice and well decorated and presentable, but if you must be honest the aesthetic problem despite being very important and serious without any doubt is not even the most serious problem that can cause a poor pool cleaning.

Having a swimming pool without cleaning properly is preparing the quickest way to shorten the life of the pool itself and to cause it to deteriorate more quickly and require more repair and rehabilitation, but certainly also despite being this again a serious problem for the pools is not the worst either.

Without any doubt, the worst assumption of an absence of good cleaning of a pool is the lack of healthiness of the pool itself, a neglected pool is an insane pool and an insane pool is a focus that can pose problems of infection - and other health problems - for people. In this case, we are no longer talking about mere aesthetic or functional problems, in this case, we are already talking about something very serious as is the health of people, something that can put at risk the health of them and that already which is a red line that can not be crossed and is something that is not due and can not be played.

Options for cleaning swimming pools

When you want to talk about pool cleaning options, you can talk about a great variety of existing systems and the choice of each of them will be more advisable for one type of cleaning or another and for one type of pool or another. There is a wide variety of ways to clean a pool, but if it were to be divided into groups, we should speak of two large groups: automatic cleaning systems and manual cleaning procedures.

No doubt cleaning systems that act automatically are systems that save a lot of time to people, they are responsible for a large part of the work and being automated then the work allows the same with much less effort and with a greater comfortable.

It must be said that nowadays many swimming pools already have an automatic cleaning system incorporated in them that allows them to go cleaning permanently. This type of cleaning is based on an automated system that filters the water and by filtering it the system removes dirt and foreign elements that may have been inserted into it.

In addition to everything that has already been said before the cleaning of swimming pools with an automated system also assumes that the water is in permanent movement which implies to avoid all the problems that could come derived from having the stagnant water and still Inside the pool for a long period of time.

Now, independently of this type of automatic water purification that must be carried out, it must also be known that the water needs to be treated with chemical elements so that it is maintained in suitable conditions, while at the same time they must be made maintenance work and cleaning the bottom of any pool to prevent calcareous formations or algae appear in it.

For all this we can see that water filtration is a fundamental part of the cleanliness of any pool, it is one of its central parts, not to mention the central one, but it is certainly not the only one.

Considerations about cleaning swimming pools

Many people think that being in summer (with the exception of indoor heated swimming pools that have use all year), in the hot season, when you use the pool especially, it is at that time when a pool must to be cleaned and nothing is further from reality, an adequate cleaning of swimming pools also involves proper maintenance during the hibernal season, when they are not in use.

And it is that a proper cleaning of a pool in winter ensures that when summer arrives, when the time of use of it comes, it is in proper conditions for its operation, present a good appearance and pose no risk of any type neither for the environment nor for the people.

It should be emphasized that cleaning a pool is not excessively expensive and it is not expensive to keep it decontaminated. Currently there are very good chemical treatments that keep the water in very good condition and they do not stand out precisely because of their high prices.

Then, other considerations that could be made about pool cleaning would be, for example, those related to other variables that may influence the need for more or less cleaning of a pool regardless of its standard cycle of cleaning, maintenance and review.

Thus, to delve a little deeper into the above, it can be seen that in addition to the natural and normal cycles that occur in pool cleaning, there are other factors that can alter these needs and many of these factors are found in external elements, especially in environmental elements.

Still with reference to the above, say that the temperature of the place where the pool is located will also play a decisive role in a greater or lesser need in the cleaning of the pool and is that a temperature that is in a fork between twenty and some twenty-five degrees Celsius is the ideal breeding ground to make work more water and consequently unbalance with greater ease the PH of it.

In the same way as in the previous case, the temperature, in this case the solar action also influences the need to clean the water and is that a higher incidence of solar rays translates into a greater need for cleaning as they enhance that the elements that maintain the water in good conditions are degraded more quickly and feed the production of algae in the internal system of the pool.

Finally, to say that the storms can also have to make clean a pool with greater assiduity and is that the same ones in some occasions can be source of muddy of water of the swimming pool in question.

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