Top 5 Flooring Options for Every Family

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Who doesn’t love his family? Therefore, if you are a lover of your family that includes your pet as well, then here is the right blog for you. Well, you know that you cannot stop your pet either your kid to play on the floor with the piles of toys and stuff. No matter how comfy playhouse you will give to them, you will end up seeing them playing on the floor. Therefore, it becomes very important to choose the right flooring type for your household.

Whether you are planning to build a new home or thinking to renovate it, choosing the right flooring is not a choice. Instead, it is a necessity. However, for owners who have kids and pets, this decision is even more critical as their furry friends will undoubtedly cause more wear and tear (scratches, stains, dirt) over time. Therefore, we are here to help you out with the kid and pet-friendly guide to find the best flooring options.

Antique Strand Bamboo

Looking for harder flooring type even more than oak? If yes, then here we come with the antique strand bamboo flooring. It is produced by compressing the shredded and finally chopped bamboo fibres under the extreme heat and pressure. It is the best and optimal choice for such homes that bears a lot of foot traffic. Availing bamboo from the best flooring stores in Denver, CO not only gives you durability but also gives the eco-friendly benefits.

Vintage Honey Oak

This one is for a person who is in love with the traditional flooring or wants to feel nostalgia by keeping the memories of granny’s home. You will be stunned to hear that oak scores high on the flooring hardness scale among the industry standard measurement for resistance to denting and wear. No matter how many dents or imperfections are caused by your pet and kid, this type of flooring features a wire-brushed finish.

Mora Cork

Many people underestimate the durability of this type of flooring. But, it is more durable than you can ever be thought. Unlike, many other floors that might develop damage due to impacts or friction, Mora cork bounces back. If you are looking for something new in the flooring stores in Denver, CO, then this is the best option particularly for crawling and occasionally tumbling kids.

Natural Australian Cypress

Looking for some floor that has cream and honey tones but it is infused dark, and irregular knots? If yes, then natural Australian cypress is perfect for fulfilling your every demand without hindering the factors of being pet and kid friendly. Availing this type of flooring gives the perfect amalgamation of both exotic and rustic.

Creek Cedar Vinyl

Vinyl is listed among those floors that require less maintenance and are very durable on the same hand. With the modifications of new technologies, it comes under vast styles, colors, designs, and patterns. If you are having the problem while availing wood and cork floors due to the moisture-locked problem, then creek cedar vinyl is the perfect replacement. It is the top choice of every homeowner who is facing problems with wet paws or accidental spills.

Conclusion:It is very important to choose the right flooring for your home especially if you have kids and pets. From vintage honey oak to natural Australian cypress, everything is a perfect choice for such homes. We hope that you will make your choice for a happy family.

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