Home Security Benefits of Solar Panels

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When we speak of security benefits we often think of making sure we have security alarms which protect our possessions, but there are other security benefits which are integral to the things we use in our homes. This article will cover some of the benefits we obtain when we install solar panels in our homes or businesses.


Saves On Electricity


It is no secret that installing solar power panels has one significant benefit to a family, which is lowering the use of man-made energy and lowering the cost associated with electricity bills. This benefit may range from location to location, depending upon the place where solar electricity can be retained and stored. By putting in the keyword search into Google® "solar panels lower electric bill" as of 2019 you get a staggering return of 131M hits. A significant return on using solar panels is regular savings between $1200-2000 per year. Lastly, there are government grants which can be applied to homeowners who install solar panels.


Less Fluctuating Electricity Costs


While there are many families that are 100% electricity, while others are switching to solar electricity, recent studies have shown those who install solar panels have a greater likelihood of having their electricity bill spike at peak periods or when electricity costs rise.


Real Estate Value Increase


There are some who may argue that adding solar panels to your home is more costly to the homeowner than the savings they will accumulate over the course for several years. However, there is substantial evidence that shows families who have added security to their home by adding solar panels have an increased value of their home. For example, a family that has moved into the new home decided to install solar panels and immediately see the value for day one, though the initial investment was money they had set aside. At the end of five years, one of the spouses needs to relocate for a job position. They put up their home for sale and the realtor suggests raising the price of the sell by $20K because of the already installed solar system. Also, the increase of the property and land value have sky-rocketed in the small suburban neighborhood they moved in five years previously. The family moves with a hefty resale price for their home. 


Low Maintenance Benefits


The average homeowner spends between $25-50K a year on average upkeep for their home. For those who have chosen to install solar panels have between 20-25 years of using their solar energy before any major maintenance needs to be carried out. Solar panels have a long expected life cycle Also, there are companies that provide insurance for solar panels in the case that some major event happens where your solar panels need to be replaced, as in the case of a natural disaster like storms, tornadoes, and floods. When speaking to a solar panel installer some homeowners may wonder what is a surge protector when the installer recommends one for their solar panels. A surge protector keeps the surge of energy that may occur during a thunderstorm within the limits of the solar panels capacity.


Overall Security Benefits


Installing solar benefits have many security benefits as mentioned above. They save on electricity bills, reduce the amount of man-made fossil fuels used, they require low maintenance, and increase the value of a home. These are significant security benefits to a homes maintenance and value and for those who are thinking of switching to solar, they are serious benefits to consider. This article has covered only five of the significant benefits solar panels have for the homeowner. A professional solar panel installer can discuss many more specific to each home. Professional Solar Panel installation companies are excited to answer homeowners questions and offer professional advice. Before calling a solar installer write down the questions you would like answered.

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