10 Decorating Tips to Have an Elegant Home on a Budget

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Decorating Tips

Everyone wants to live in a luxurious and elegant-looking home. The problem is that not all have the budget to spare for it. If your home decorating budget is tight then you may face challenges in making your home look as high-end and luxurious as possible. Fortunately, there are some ways to fulfill your dream of living in a luxurious home without breaking the bank.

Here are some of these budget-friendly home decorating tips:

#1 – Hang large-scale artwork in your wall

You can buy a large or oversized artwork and hang it on your wall. This will not only serve as the focal point of your home but also provide the space with an elegant wow factor. As much as possible, put this one in the living room walls where you often entertain guests.

Look for a chic artwork that can have an impact on you and anyone who visits your home. Fortunately, it is not that difficult to find affordable large-scale artwork. All you have to do is to check out thrift stores and flea markets. These are the usual sources of large pieces of artwork offered at reasonable prices.

If you are creative and into arts then you may also want to make one yourself. This can save you a lot of money, especially if you plan to decorate your home on a budget.

#2 – Simplify your home decors as much as possible

If possible, apply the minimalist approach when styling your home. Note that there is no need for you to buy too many furniture, appliances, and accessories just to make your home look elegant and expensive. In fact, over-accessorizing any part of your home can only make it look disorganized, classy, and cluttered in its entirety. This will be far from your goal of creating a sophisticated and chic living space.

Lessen your collection as much as you can. Only leave those pieces that are important to you, particularly those with sentimental value. The good thing about trying to simplify the design of your living space is that it will let the remaining parts and elements to truly shine, not to mention it will let you stick to your budget.

#3 – Incorporate proper lighting

Choose your lighting wisely. Adding expressive and interesting lighting pieces into your home is a cost-friendly and easy trick to making any part of it look luxurious and expensive. It can provide a luxurious glow in the space. In this case, choose lighting pieces that have interesting design details, finishes, and shapes. Focus on those that can grab attention, allowing them to make a unique statement in a room.

Make sure to organize these sources of lighting in different sizes and heights. This arrangement is guaranteed to produce a dramatic effect on the area while also getting rid of unattractive and unflattering shadows. You may want to use LED light bulbs if you are looking for energy-efficient and cost-effective options. They are long-lasting, thereby preventing you from spending money on their replacements too frequently.

#4 – Minimize furniture

Apply minimalism when buying and arranging furniture. Implementing this “less is more” concept is a big help in bringing out the expensive look and feel of your home. What you should do is to limit household furniture and accessories to those that you truly need. Avoid filling it with too many items to prevent your space from looking overwhelming and crowded.

Rather than crowding your space with furniture items that are unnecessary, keep these items minimal by determining what you truly need. Most recommend Amish-made furniture for those on a budget because they are beautifully handcrafted and made, making any home look as luxurious and expensive as possible. They are also long-lasting and tend to become more beautiful as they age.

With that, you no longer need to buy furniture too often. If you already have plenty of furniture at home then maybe it is time to de-clutter. Check all rooms and spaces in your home and create a list of all the furniture items and household decors and accessories you own. After that, determine the purpose of each one. If there are plenty of chairs in your kitchen or living room that no one seems to use then you may want to take them out of your home.

#5 – Look for affordable furniture manufacturers and suppliers

In line with tip number 4, keep in mind that you do not have to splurge a huge sum of money for furniture. It is because there are plenty of suppliers and manufacturers offering furniture at reasonable prices. However, make sure that you find the right balance of quality and cost.

Note that while several homeowners feel that buying expensive couches is unnecessary because it might cause them to go over their budget, it is still crucial to look for cheaper alternatives that will not cause you to spend more in the end. Avoid going for extremely cheap ones. Extremely low prices might also mean that the furniture is poorly structured, causing them to fall apart or get damaged quickly.

Go for reasonably priced yet elegant and high-quality ones, such as Amish living room chairs built with careful and thorough planning. You may also want to check out the high-quality pieces that you can access at second-hand stores, consignment shops, and estate sales. They usually offer their furniture at affordable prices.

If you want, you can reupholster your chosen furniture so it will match your home decorations. Note that you will enjoy huge savings from these furniture sources, giving you some room in your present budget for reupholstering the pieces. This results in a high-end look without spending a fortune.

#6 – Choose the right type and color of paint

One of the hardest parts of a home decorating project is deciding on the type and color of the paint. Fortunately, if you are after making your home look elegant then you can rest assured that some paint colors can instantly add glamour to various parts and rooms in your living space.

Among your two options for paint color are soft, understated hues and bold and dramatic colors. Either of these colors can instantly make your living space look elegant. Choose based on your personality and character.

Another great tip is to paint the doors in your interior with a black shade. This color is a great choice because it can automatically produce an expensive feel. This is possible without damaging your wallet. However, if you decide to go this route then ensure to add a few black accessories to your home, too. This can help in tying the design together.

#7 – Accessorize with pillows

Pillows are among the items in your home that can offer both elegance and comfort. Chosen correctly, the pillows can significantly increase the elegance rating in the specific room where you put them to. They are also designed in a way that they can make yourself and your guests feel comfortable while on the couch. Furthermore, putting pillows in a room can provide a layered and cozy feel.

Go for larger and softer pillows, especially if you are after comfort. Avoid throwing pillows in standard sizes, like the typical 12-inch to 18-inch size. Go for larger ones (ex. a pillow cover, which is around 22 inches, stuffed with inserts around 24 inches. Choose to incorporate large and overstuffed pillows into your interiors. They can bring out a plush and cozy look.

#8 – Add a unique piece

If you want your room to avoid turning into a sea filled with circular forms and straight lines then consider adding an element into it that has a unique silhouette or fascinating and interesting shape. For instance, you may want to add a one-of-a-kind chair or tree-root coffee table in your living room. This will serve as a unique piece of art in that specific spot. It can add a completely artistic and unexpected component to the overall design of your home even if you are trying to stick on a budget.

You may also customize the look of a room, specifically the living room, with the help of antique and vintage textiles. Use these textiles in covering small pieces such as upholstered stools or seat cushions or create throw pillows from them. Another effective way to produce visual intrigue instantly is to add an antique and unique Turkish rug on your floor.

#9 – Install molding

Another tip to create elegant interiors even with a small budget is to install trim or moldings into your home. It does a great job of making your living space look more polished and expensive. It would be much better if you know how to install crown molding yourself as this will surely let you enjoy huge savings. An advantage of having this molding installed is that it serves as the ideal finish to a huge room inside your home. It can produce continuity between the ceiling and the wall.

You may use white if you are going for a polished and clean look but take note that you are also allowed to paint the molding so it will have an exciting pop of colors. It is even possible for you to install the molding into your chair rails, columns, ceiling beams and medallions, and baseboards. Avoid going overboard in this area, though. Just choose subtle spots in a large room where you can install the molding.

#10 – Find affordable ways to accessorize your living space

Some average households lack the vital accessories designed to showcase a touch of elegance into their space. You may think that accessorizing your home is not a good idea if you only have a small budget. You may believe that doing so will just over-extend your budget but take note that this is only a misconception. It is because there are several cheap ways to add accessories to your home without going beyond your budget.

This is especially true for gold home décors and accessories. It would be nice to accessorize your home with gold because it is linked to riches and wealth, which can surely make your space look posh. Adding a hint of gold can immediately produce an elegant feel. Just make sure that you do not add too much of it.

A great example is accessorizing a room with mirrors and picture frames made of gold. You may also want to check out modern and affordable gold-legged tables that you will most likely see in designer showrooms.


See? There are numerous ways for you to bring out the elegance of your home without spending a huge sum of money. Among the things that you can do is to stay away from poor quality and overly cheap items, picking the right type and color of paint, and shopping for home decor and furniture wisely.

Also, spend time creating a specific budget for every room or section of your home. Think of the savings you might enjoy if you shop at small stores, like consignment and secondhand shops and flea markets. By doing that, you will surely find items that you can use to decorate your home and make the result high-end.

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