6 pieces of advice to sell real estate quickly

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 25 February 2020 09:31

Real estate is one of the most lucrative markets that any given individual can buy into. This is true always, but it is true subject to timing and the like. You might think this is strange to say, but the truth is that the real estate industry is indeed one of the most lucrative markets that one can invest in - if they invest at the right time and if they have a plan in motion for how to handle that investment moving forward. So, here are seven tips to sell your piece of real estate quickly.

1. Carefully consider what you are willing to lose

It is so important to understand that yes, in a perfect world, you will get everything you want from the sale of your property. However, the reality is that this might not happen. So, before anything else, work out with your partner or any other parties who are in ownership with you, what you are willing to lose. Carefully review your homeowners insurance policy covers from contents to liability, or any additional cost-saving options, such as bundling your home and auto insurance with one carrier. This is important so you can figure out the lowest offer you are willing to accept. Start here, always.

2. Do the work where the property needs it

Nothing will slow down the process of trying to sell your property if it looks like it is a dump. Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with having a work in progress, but it is crucial that you understand that if your property desperately needs some work done (i.e. holes in walls, no flooring, etc) that you do that basic work. There is nothing wrong with starting with a blank canvas, but most of the time prospective buyers prefer to ideally have the canvas able to hold the paint to begin with, to have interest.

3. Ensure you are selling at the right time

There is an opportune time to be a seller and an opportune time to be a buyer in real estate. Make sure that you are selling your property at the right time, because if you put your property on the market when it is a bad time to sell, the odds of you actually getting the value of the property (or even better, higher) are slim to none. This tip is so important.

4. Take advantage of digital marketing

More than ever, the influence and prominence of digital marketing is thriving and successful around the globe and across the board. Advertising your property on real estate websites is great of course, but amp it up by sharing it on your social media too. This is a great way to further spread online exposure for your property and overall it will assist in speeding up the selling process..

5. Research the market to get an idea of reasonable expectation

Sure, your home is probably beautiful. However, you will do yourself no favours if you enter the market as a seller with unbelievably high expectations. Be sure to be realistic, because there is no use getting up in arms if you find yourself disappointed for no good reason. Realistic expectations mean that you have a healthy mindset in this process, and that will do a world of good in assisting in the speediness of the selling process.

6. Consider selling to a developer if you have the option there

In some cases, developers are interested in properties. If you find yourself in a position where you have a great sized property that could be perfect for developers to buy, then go to the effort of contacting developers in the area (and even outside of the area). You might find yourself surprised. Not to mention that, quite often, developers are up for quick sales - which is always a positive for you as the seller.

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