5 Key Elements in a Successful Commercial Real Estate Marketing Plan

Written by Posted On Monday, 25 July 2016 10:58
Listing for the 239 Office at Innovation Square Listing for the 239 Office at Innovation Square

When it comes to leasing commercial real estate, like any other business, a good commercial real estate agent knows the value of a marketing plan for the listing to be a success. The commercial real estate marketing is highly competitive, which means that to be successful, the marketing plan must be very well planned and executed to keep up with the other commercial real estate companies. At Trimark Properties we are specialize in providing the nicest office space in Gainesville’s Innovation Square. We utilize these key elements to market Commercial Real Estate for Rent in Gainesville.

Here are five things for an agent to have a stellar real estate marketing plan.

Brand Consistency

A consistent brand and marketing messaging are imperative to a commercial real estate company. Consistent messaging builds trust with the clients. A company sending out inconsistent messaging is giving out the wrong signal. Keep the brand distinct and consistent through all channels of marketing and communication with the potential clients.

Company Website

In this day and age, websites have become the first touch point for an inbound lead. It is where people land after searching for the business in a search engine (Google, Bing, Etc.). Keeping the website user intuitive and friendly ensures a smooth flow and a higher rate of lead generation. The website should relay all the relevant information in a concise and professional manner. Give enough information to pique customers interest, so they want to contact you and learn more about your listings.

Online Listing

Online listings for office space or commercial spaces on lease are great to provide information on sites which attract many visitors that are actively looking for office space, retail space, lab space, or any type of commercial space in your city. These include sites like LoopNet, cityfeet amongst others. As a commercial real estate agent, one should include clear info, crisp hi-res imagery but keep it brief. These channels should be used as a gateway to securing inbound traffic to your website, phone calls or email inquiries requesting further information. Here’s a listing for the office: 239 Building at Innovation Square and its page at Trimark Properties 239 Innovation Square.

Email Marketing

Emails remain one of the best channels of marketing. Regular email marketing campaigns that contain information about your listings help potential clients discover properties so that they don’t have to spend time doing the researching. A highly focused list of email recipients with a customized messaging goes a long way. It also acts as a great alternative to cold calling potential prospects.

Broker Presentations

Hosting meetups for brokers at an office space you're trying to market out is like hosting an open house. Networking events such as these are usually fun as they provide an excellent opportunity to talk about the listing and pass around marketing collateral. Larger properties may also require giving a speech or a formal presentation. Broker presentations are an excellent way to market your company and keep up with the local real estate market trends.


Working with an effective commercial real estate marketing plan will not only help you maximize your profits but will also enable the commercial real estate agent to increase the quality and quantity of their agency. Your marketing efforts will increase your brand awareness and set yourself apart from other brokerages in the commercial real estate industry.

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Kelly Klein

I joined Trimark properties right after graduating from the University of Florida, Gainesville in 2012. My core focus was to learn about the Gainesville commercial real estate business by working with a talented team of commercial real estate professionals in the field. Trimark offered me an internship to start working with their commercial leasing team which specializes in office, restaurant space, retail, lab space and other commercial properties for lease in Gainesville. This was my first time getting involved in understanding about the terminology and site analysis and feasibility studies. The talented team at Trimark helped me in my early career years which has built a strong foundation for my future.

In addition to the real estate knowledge, I have also learned about construction, remodeling, and development. Trimark is also one of the biggest residential real estate developers in Gainesville. With 25 apartment complexes and 2 dorms near UF campus, it is the largest off campus housing provider to UF students.

Four years later, I am now the co-manager of some of the nicest looking offices for lease which are located in innovation square. Innovation square is steps from UF campus and within walking distance to Downtown Gainesville. It is a hub of technology, high-tech companies, cafes, eateries and apartments located in the heart of Gainesville. Some of the biggest names in tech have made innovation square their home. These companies include: Fracture, Feathr, Mobiquity, Sharpspring, Vanad among others. 

Trimark has provided me a platform to catapult my career in commercial real estate to new heights. I am also working very closely with the team that is building Gainesville's first smart, green, and sustainable building - Nimbus. Nimbus will be playground where high-tech design meets functionality. Trimark's moves towards a greener Gainesville is the beginning of a better future, and I am very proud to be a part of it.


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