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New Home Co-Broker Academy Training Focuses On Broker Needs, Not Builder's Homes (Looking Back)


Why?  Because home shoppers are not finding the right property and either decidei to wait or turning to new homes. Actually this is old news, but if a study done three years ago was done today the numbers would be even more convincing.

According to the National Association of REALTORS ®, 2015 Profile (Exhibit 215), "difficulty in finding the right property is the most important fact limiting potential clients in completing a transaction (33%)."

Yet, in the same Profile, forty percent of all new homes sold in 2014, were sold to broker prospects who had looked at resales, but bought new as option to renovating the home.

The new homes market is good and saleable resale inventory is becoming harder to find, according to NAR.

Realtor Mary Carpousis now advises her resale prospects up front that they will be looking at new homes so they can actualy see, touch and feel what they can get for their money. She booked her first two new homes sales within six weeks of completing hte, in addition to adding two resale listings to her busy resale business.

The on course, How To Build A New Homes Niche, teaches agents how to leverage their resale listing and sales training to find new homes buyers, qualify resale shoppers for new homes, and find the right new homes,according to David Fletcher, founder of New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC. 

Realtor Kathy Llamas took the course and after 12 years as a resale broker, started specializing exclusively in new home sales.

"I like to travel, and I find new homes not only much easier to sell, they are much easier to close, because the homebuilder performs all transaction management," Llamas said, in an email during a river cruise in Europe.

Realtor Randy Chavers credits a new home showing for helping him close a resale purchase to a couple who could not make up their mind until they saw what they could buy for the money in a new home..

"What I like about this training, says Alan Randal, broker principal of Ameriteam Realty in Orlando who now offers the live course to his agents, is that it shows agents how to build on their resale listing and sales business>

"This course is about helping agents build their business by improving their prospects-to-sales ratio be it a resale or new home. One or two extra sales a year can make the difference in a career, and that's why this course is so important to both the agent and the broker." Randal said.

The course includes six sections, as follows:

Section 1: Why Build A New Homes Niche

Section 1 introduces the foundation for the course and the ‘why' behind the ‘how' via valid research, case studies, and the author's extensive experience.

Section 2: How To Establish A Price Baseline

Agents learn that the best and fastest way for home shoppers to trust ‘price' is to actually see, touch and feel what they can get for their money, by showing a new homes model in the price range being shopped by the resale buyer. The result is a more comfortable offer for a resale or a return to purchase the new home.

Section 3: How To Find New Homes Inventory

There is New Home Source, New Home Source Professional and a growing number of MLSs as well as and regional and local sources. Then for a more personal service, internet advisors can be an invaluable help, but most agents have no idea this service exists.

Section 4: How To Show New Homes

Agents learn how to control the entire onsite sales presentation without saying a word, or at least not many, and learn how to listen for qualifying information drawn out by onsite agents that will help the agent demonstrate his listings in terms of the buyer's interest, not his own.

Section 5: How To Team Up With New Home Sales Consultants

Agents learn the four basic standards they should establish to add a home builder to their ‘preferred builder' network. This is a good idea that works for everybody. Agents must feel totally comfortable with the builder's track record and how the onsite agent treats not only the agent, but his prospect.

Section 6: How To Find New Home Buyers

The real issue is not how to find new home shoppers. The real issue is to make qualified new home shoppers want to find and do business with the agent. Agents learn how to position themselves and their New Home Co-Broker certification as a true professional in new homes real estate.

Visit The New Home Co-Broker Academy website, Click Here.

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David Fletcher, NHCB

David Fletcher is a co-founder and CEO of New Home Co-broker Academy LLC., an online e-commerce business. Visit David's website to take his famous 3-hour online course, How To Build  A New Homes Niche, to become a certified New Home Co-broker (NHCB). More than 5,000 graduates. Content is based on his long career and onsite sales success working with both builders and Realtors to list and sell more than $3 billion in new construction. If you are a broker who wants to offer your agents a way to add new homes to their resale inventory and home shoppers, this is your solution. 

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