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Many opt for plastic curlers because plastic curling irons can be used to give you a "disposable" look. Unlike persistent perm, plastic curling irons can satisfy women's demand for changeable styling. What's the use of that plastic curling iron? Let's flow justvirginhair  Remy Hair Extensions.

1. Comb hair smoothly and evenly spray makeup water;

2, with pointed tail comb U area divided into head, will U area before and after the hair was divided two parts, the back part do back button within the volume, the front part of the forward do flat revolute, volumes of each hair volume at least two and a half circle as well;

3. Longitudinal strands of hair outside the U area and the hair from the bottom half of the scroll with a curling iron. The hair from the back of the ear can be rolled up.

4. After rolling the lower part of the hair, put down the hair clip on the head and begin to roll the upper part of the hair;

5. After the roll, let the plastic curling stick stay on the head for a while;

6. Gently insert the finger into the root of the hair, and gently separate the hair of the curly hair with the finger, making the hair roll appear more natural.

7. Spray the spray on the hair to keep it longer.

Everyone knows that, despite the effects of the electric curling iron, there are all kinds of hair problems caused by high temperature. So when you choose to use a plastic curling iron to do your hair, you must be wondering, can a plastic curling iron hurt your hair?

Plastic curling irons are less damaging to hair than permanent scald and electric curling irons. The plastic curling iron has temporarily changed the shape of the hair through physical methods, which is essentially undamaged.

But because of some bad plastic curling iron material is very poor, so often can hook the hair, the pulling for hair also is considered a kind of injury. So we should choose when buying plastic curling iron quality, it can be to minimize the damage to the hair!

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