Streamlining Your Real Estate Investment Business

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If someone asked you the question, “What is real estate investing?” how would you answer? You could give them a dictionary meaning like: A real estate investor is a person who evaluates the real estate market and purchases property for the purpose of building wealth. But does this really explain everything a real estate investor does? Absolutely not!

The Real Definition of a Real Estate Investor

It is true that real estate investors evaluate markets and purchase properties in order to make money, but this definition certainly does not explain the many different hats someone in this business must wear.

The real definition is that REI involves all of the following:

  • Marketing to buyers, sellers, and tenants
  • Screening buyers, sellers, and tenants
  • Running Comparative Market Analyses
  • Making offers
  • Finding funding
  • Coordinating closings
  • Creating contracts
  • And so much more

The truth is that those involved in REI have a nearly endless list of responsibilities.

To Grow Requires Streamlining

Many new investors feel like they will be able to tackle all the jobs on the list and that by doing so, they will make more money. The problem is that although a person may be able to tackle all the jobs on the list for a short period of time, eventually, they find that they can no longer keep up.

When this happens, the business stops growing. In fact, it seems that the more they do, the further behind they get. This leads to burnout and the eventual demise of their real estate investing business.

That’s why it is important to streamline your business. You should have systems in place that can wear some of the different hats for you so you can focus your time on growing your business.

Benefits of Automation

In real estate, about three-fourths of the process from finding a property to renovating to renting to selling is administrative. The problem is that although the administrative side of things is necessary, it doesn’t bring in any revenue. That’s why it is so important to automate everything you can.

When you automate and streamline your business, you’ll get the following benefits:

  • More free time to focus on the revenue producing aspect of your business
  • Increased income and profits
  • Increased opportunity
  • More time to focus on market trends, investing education, and more
  • More time to find new business opportunities

As you learn to better manage your time and take advantage of the newest technology, you’ll be a better and more effective investor.

That’s Where Encompass REI Comes In

Encompass REI is the Real Estate Knowledge Institute’s (REKI) newest software product. We had it created by the same developer that produced the software for Rich Dad, Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki to help investors streamline their business. This software is a set of tools that makes finding properties and creating deals so much easier.

Here are just a few of the ways Encompass REI can help:

  • Makes it easy to create websites for buying and selling property
  • Has a CRM system with autoresponders
  • Creates contracts
  • Helps you locate properties
  • Analyzes potential deals to determine if they are good or not
  • Has a phone system built in to track your properties and marketing plans
  • Contains a full marketing kit including bandit signs, direct mail with tracking, and more
  • Learn how to monetize your time and effort
  • Access to a community of thousands of investors that want to buy and sell properties
  • Collects, screens, qualifies, and follows up on leads
  • Generates financial reports for banks or investors
  • And more

The best thing about Encompass REI is that this automated system lets you focus on your business’ priorities. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out or running an experienced team, streamlining your business using automated technology will help you make your business thrive.

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John Trautman

John Trautman has spent his entire adult life in real estate. Purchasing his first property at 23, he learned the process of flipping and real estate holding from the ground up. Real estate continue to be his passion while he spent eight years as an account executive and later a vice President for Washington Mutual in the mortgage division. Holding the position of President’s Council and several years of President’s Club, he learned the lending business from the mortgage office perspective and lender perspective. Throughout his life he has also been a small business owner, commercial real estate holder, property designer, and house flipper.

During the downturn, John followed the deal to Detroit, Michigan, where he invested in single family rentals and multi-family dwellings. Once his returns were realized, he moved quickly to Arizona to invest in another distressed market.

His passion for making a deal and real estate has lead him to create a hands-on real estate investment mentoring club called Real Estate Knowledge Institute

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