5 Tips for New Homeowners

Written by Posted On Monday, 22 April 2024 00:00

Congrats on buying a new home. Being a new homeowner is a big step and as a new homeowner you will want to keep a few tips in mind:

1. Inspect Your Foundation 

A home's foundation can become damaged due to various factors, such as the soil around the home's base becoming drenched due to snow or rain. If there are existing cracks, then they can become even bigger, which can lead to more complex and costly issues. The ground around the base of the home should slope away from the home, preferably by around 7 inches over 12 feet. 

Check for obvious damage, too. Are there visible cracks? If so, then fix them as soon as possible. 

The chances are you already had your foundation inspected by a professional, but you still want to do it yourself. Although rare, there may be something that was missed during the initial inspection. If you haven't gotten your foundation inspected, then you definitely need to go out and take a look at it now. 

2. Create A homeowner's Journal 

Another thing new homeowners should do is create a homeowner's journal. This can be as simple as buying a ring binder and using it to keep important stuff in. This includes repair receipts, the insurance paperwork for the home and anything else that is relevant to the house. One day you might need this info, and you'll easily be able to find it when that day comes.

3. Get A Warranty

Just like there are warranties for cars, there are warranties for home. Generally speaking, a home warranty in Texas can cover many things ranging from electrical work to plumbing issues to garbage disposals to duct-work to central vacuums, appliances and much more. If you have a warranty that covers such items in your home, then you can have them replaced or repaired if something goes wrong with them. 

The bottom line is when it comes to a home warranty, homeowners like yourself will receive peace of mind. You will be thankful to have it if the time comes that you need to use it. Just remember, different warranties cover different things, but as a homeowner you will definitely want to look into getting a warranty. 

4. Change Your Locks & Add More Protection

This may be something you don't think is necessary, but it is. You want to change your locks as soon as possible. Hire a locksmith to do this if you're not sure how, and make sure you choose durable locks that are hard or nearly impossible to break. 

While you're at it, add more protection as you change the locks. For example, adding an alarm system at the front door can give you additional peace of mind. Another option you can do is invest in smart locks for certain doors, and this will allow you to control the locks via a single remote. 

5. Locate Your Main Water Shutoff 

The fifth and last tip is to locate your main water shutoff. Knowing where this is will come in handy during the event of an emergency. These emergencies include a leaky faucet, a busted water pump or a leaky washing machine pipe or another type of plumbing pipe. Shutting off the main water supply will stop the water from continuing to run. 

After you locate the main water shutoff, turn it off and on a few times. This will help you react fast when the time comes. Trust us, you don't want to be confused on how to turn it off when an emergency does arise.

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