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When residents move in and move out, particularly in common wall homeowner associations, proper planning is called for. Below are elements of a Move In & Move Out Policy which can be adapted to your use.

Scheduling. All moves in or out must be scheduled with the Management at least two (2) business days prior to the move date. This notice is necessary in order to place protective mats in the appropriate elevator and to avoid two moves in the same building at the same time. Scheduling will provide a four (4) hour time frame for each move; residents who anticipate that their moves will exceed this time frame should make special arrangements with the management.

Moving Hours. Moves in or out may be scheduled on any day during the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. only. If any move exceeds the four (4) hour scheduled moving period by more than one (1) hour, an additional hourly charge of $50/hour will be imposed.

Refundable Security Deposit. There is a refundable security deposit of $200, payable to "Nottacare Condominium" and delivered to the Manager no later than two (2) business days prior to a scheduled move. The deposit shall be refunded less any damage repairs to common elements caused by the move. Repair costs for damages exceeding $200 shall be charged and collected according to the Collection Policy.

Non-Refundable Move-In Fee. There is a non-refundable fee of $100 for the initial move into the complex. The move-in fee covers the administrative costs of the move and is payable in advance to "Nottacare Condominium" and delivered to the Manager no later than two (2) business days prior to the scheduled move-in.

Keys. You will need three (3) different keys: one to the building, one to your unit, and one to the exercise room. These keys should be supplied by either the previous owner if you purchased your unit, or by the current owner if you are renting your unit. If you are unable to obtain keys from the appropriate source, Management can provide you with the keys to the building and the exercise room at $10 each. You must obtain your unit key from the previous or current owner.

Parking in the Garage. Prior to parking your vehicle in the garage, you must register with Management and obtain a parking decal. Access to the parking garage requires a garage door opener. If you have purchased your unit, the previous owner should provide this opener to you. If you are renting your unit, the current owner should provide this opener to you. If you are unable to obtain a garage door opener from the appropriate source, you may purchase one from Management for $75 (price subject to change without notice).

Copy of Rental Agreement. Owners who lease their units must submit a copy of the rental agreement to Management prior to tenant's occupancy.

Insurance. Whether you own or rent you should obtain proper insurance prior to moving in. Consult with a knowledgeable insurance agent to purchase appropriate coverage.

Electricity. You must have the unit electricity put in your name prior to occupancy. Contact ABC Power at XXX.XXXX.

Pets. One pet is allowed per unit.

Moving Trucks. Specific parking areas are designated moving trucks. Any moving vehicles parked in Fire Lanes are subject to tow without warning

Doors. The entry doors to the building can be propped open during your move, however, leaving doors open increases the possibility of unauthorized entry. Please be sure to close the doors once you have completed your move.

Trash. The trash chute is only for regular household trash that will fit into trash bags no larger than 13 gallon size. Neither the trash chute or the trash compactor is designed for handling any other type of materials. Placing inappropriate items in the trash chute can result in injuries to the janitorial staff, damage to the trash compactors, possible fire in the trash chute or the garage, and infestation of insects and rodents.

Things that should NOT be put in the trash chute include:

  • Cardboard boxes or containers of any size.
  • Long objects such as skis, curtain rods, bed rails and furniture.
  • Heavy items such as bowling balls, small appliances, bookends, tools and metal objects.
  • Liquids of any kind, especially those that are toxic or flammable.

Recycling bins are located next to the trash dumpsters. The items that can be recycled in these bins are plastic, glass, paper and aluminum only. To facilitate the separation process, please do not bag items. Recyclables should be loosely laid in the bins.

Enforcement. Should residents or their moving crews fail to follow these procedures, Management may halt the move and deny further use of the elevators or common areas. Unit owners are responsible for ensuring that tenants follow the moving procedures, including the payment of monetary charges and assessments.

Other Issues.

Cable Television & Internet. If the cable installer needs access to any common area equipment, you will need to schedule a time with the Manager and Cable Provider.

Visitor Access. Visitors at the building entrance must call you to gain access to the building. They will use the call box mounted in the outer entrance area. While on the telephone with your visitor, pushing the number 9 digit on your telephone keypad will unlock the door and allow passage.

We wish you success with your move. Questions? Call the Manager.

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