5 Bathroom Ideas for Your New Home

Written by Matt Evans Posted On Tuesday, 16 April 2024 00:00

Since bathrooms are spaces that we use every day, their importance is far greater than we give it credit for. This where we start and end our day.  Thus, organizing to make sure that everything is in place in your bathroom is a task we should not take for granted. Here are five ideas that might help you achieve an effortlessly sophisticated, imposing and modern bathroom your new home deserves.

Naught the Pedestal Sink

You should replace the normal and boring sink with a modern-looking one. Likewise, installing some vanity gears would greatly improve the room. Vanities can be easily installed, most include sinks, countertops, and hardware. You may opt to choose natural wood for it to look timeless. Clean lines and cool color, like light gray cabinets and marble countertops, will do if you want a contemporary aesthetic look.

Trendy Tiles

If you want to have a bathroom that is both cozy and warm, try to play and combine different types of tiles. This will add flair and style to your bathroom. If you have a small restroom, you may want to place rectangular tiles vertically so you can draw eyes up instead of across. You may opt for white subway tiling for elegance. It is a good idea since white can go along with almost any color and design. If you prefer a splash of color, choose a penny round tile with a high gloss for added depth. Another common color in the bathroom is blue, especially powdery, and dusty and polished aqua colors.

Bold, Lavishing, Lighting

If you choose a daring look, lighting could make you achieve it. Remove your old fixture and put vanity lighting to add glamour in your bathroom. A bright vanity light will illuminate over-the-sink spaces and push light even farther to the room. On the other hand, if you prefer a modern look, add sconces on each side of the vanity area and choose a proper lighting to compliment the room.

Splash of Green

Plants are not just for exterior designs. It can also be used inside and put some in the bathroom will level up the design. It is actually becoming a modern trend. Plants will add cool contrast to the tiles and will give you a relaxing spa-feel. Orchids and terrariums are a great example of plants that will look good inside a bathroom, same with clusters of mini succulents. Houseplants will also give you flexibility as it can be removed and changed easily.

Functional Faucets

According to the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, black matte faucets and fixture are currently on the trend. These kinds of design will provide a modern look but will still add more warmth and space. Matte black faucets are perfect for modern space and add edge to a boring bathroom. Regardless of what design you choose it is highly advisable to purchase a WaterSense certified faucet, as it is more water efficient compared to those which are not certified and will actually save you more money in the long run.

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