Freshen Up Your Home With Spring And Summer Updates

Written by Jaymi Naciri Posted On Sunday, 22 April 2018 06:50
Updating your home can seem like a huge undertaking, especially if it's been a while and it seems like everything needs an overhaul. But there are easy ways to freshen it up and make it look spring- and summer-ready that won't break the bank and won't create a long, drawn-out hassle. Each of these updates represents a classic or current trend and is something you can pull off yourself this weekend if you've got a little time and a little skill.

Take it to the floor

There was a time when the Persian rug dominated formal spaces. But take a look at this one from Wayfair. The somewhat worn look of the Aliyah rug brings in a vintage feel but the color palette is all new. This is an easy and affordable way to instantly update a living room with bold colors that will get your space noticed.

"If there's one piece to invest in this spring, it's a rug," said The Glitter Guide. "It's a surefire way to bring interest and style to any room. Try a colorful pattern or print."

Brighten up the bedroom

While you're thinking about patterns…"Swap in a patterned headboard," said Elle Décor. "You don't have to grab your paint rollers or ready the wallpaper to revamp a bedroom. Upgrade the centerpiece of your room—the headboard—to something bright and cheery."

Patterns, patterns, patterns

Mixed prints have been all over the runway, and you can create a similarly textured and stylish look at home. Mix it up, mash it up, and freshen it up with an assortment of prints—florals, houndstooth, stripes, graphic patterns. You can create a look that brings depth to your space by using one main color as your anchor and then creating a mix of patterns around it.

Coordinate your pet decor

Your basic scratching post or dog bed may fade into the background for you, but they can stand out like a sore thumb to visitors. Pet decor has come a long way, and no matter what style you've got going on at home, you can find something to match, blend in, or even stand out—for all the right reasons. Stores like HomeGoods and Target have tons of options that are affordable. But if you're looking to break the bank, perhaps consider this.

Spring for a new appliance

Lowe's and Home Depot have both been running spring specials with appliances that are 35–40% off. These discounted prices could easily lead you down a rabbit hole, and before you know it, you're wanting to redo your whole kitchen. But a new fridge all by itself sure would make your kitchen look pretty. If you really want to make the purchase painless, look into 0% financing that lets you spread the cost of the purchase over 24 or 36 months with no interest—it's an easy way to upgrade that appliance without the crunch of putting out a lot of money upfront.

Paint, paint, paint

There really are few places inside and out of your home where paint can't make a huge difference, and with such a low dollar commitment, you just have to pick and choose your projects. We love a good-ole fireplace makeover that can totally change the energy of your living space in one weekend for almost no money.

Bring in the flowers

When spring flowers start blooming, we have a natural desire to bring them into the home. After all, just the smell of fresh flowers can lift our mood. "Flowers always brighten up a space, no matter what kind you use," said The Spruce. "You also don't need a lot of them. A small floral arrangement on a table, mantle or windowsill makes a big difference. What's particularly great about flowers is that every color and combination works together, so it's a great way to experiment with colors you wouldn't normally put together."

Big, bold floral patterns are also a huge trend this season, so, while you're thinking about how to display your cut roses, consider where you can also make a splash on the walls, on an upholstered piece, or on the bed.

Frame your windows

Another easy way to bring an additional layer of interest to your home is with modern window coverings. Already have blinds or shutters? Framing the windows out with drapes that can be changed seasonally is a great way to create an interior that always looks updated while calling attention to the outdoors and to your architecture (or creating architecture where there isn't much).

Shop your home

You can give areas of your home a whole new look without spending a dime. "I love updating the look of our home by styling the coffee table, accent tables, shelves, countertops, and mantel," said Jane at Home. "One of the reasons I love styling is that I can use items I already have on hand. If I don't like how something looks, I can easily change it by moving things around or bringing in new items from another part of the house."

Some of her styling tips include: "Use stacks of books to raise objects off the surfaces; combine items in groups of threes–preferably with a tall item, a shorter, more sculptural item, and a horizontal item; balance hard and soft objects, as well as things with different textures, colors, tones, and styles; layer–placing some things in front of others and some off to the side–to create more depth and give the space a more natural look."

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