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Creating Seasonless Decor

Written by Jaymi Naciri Posted On Sunday, 01 March 2015 06:34

The idea of changing out your décor seasonally is great, but wouldn't it be nice to just update when you want and not have to completely redo your house just because of a change in the weather? I mean, who are we kidding—we're lucky if we remember to make our bed or open the blinds in the morning, and it's a banner year when we're able to put the Christmas tree away before Valentine's Day. Plus, who has room for four separate seasons' worth of furniture and accessories?

Wouldn't it be nice to have seasonless décor that allowed you to be chic all year long?

It would, and it is. With a few tips, you can go from fall to winter to spring to summer and get maximum enjoyment out of your home with minimal effort.

Don't go too ruddy.

Thick, warm, heavily textured fabrics naturally scream "Winter!" A dark chocolate, deeply ridged corduroy couch might always look like it belongs in fall, especially if it's dressed in a cable-knit throw and ruddy pillows. Ditto for fabrics like tweed and flannel also have a cold weather feel.

Don't go too flouncy.

The same concept applies here, only on the opposite side of the fabric spectrum. Linens and sheer textiles will give you a summery feel. If you live in Alaska or upstate New York or anywhere that typically has a minus sign in front of its temperature in the winter and you want to pretend you're somewhere beachy all year round, great. Go for materials that can be layered to achieve greater warmth when you need them to.

Speaking of beachy…get a handle on that theme.

That driftwood/seashell/starfish thing you pulled together after your beach vacation last summer was great. While the sun was shining bright. But, even then, it may have been a little much. A little goes a long way when it comes to developing a theme. So if you want to carryover your beach vignettes into the fall and then some, have at it. But maybe you don't need sand and shells on every surface of the house. And by all means, don't mix your beach chic look with you Halloween décor, unless you're prepared to be really clever.

Develop your color story

When you think of seasonal colors, what comes to mind? Autumnal colors are probably the most representative of a season, and while you might enjoy pumpkin, sage, and golden harvest, perhaps that cornucopia is best left to the Thanksgiving table.

"The verdant shade of green…is ‘seasonless' because this hue works well inside and out and all year round, in winter, spring, summer, and fall," said Centsational Girl. "The color is found in what we see when we look outside each day, from the leaves on every botanical to moss covered trees to rolling grass covered hills to deep green forests."

This works for other nature-inspired colors as well, like blue. If you're confounded by color and have a hard time choosing one for the walls, stick to neutrals. You can also check out these seasonless colors on Houzz.

Be a quick change artist

Chances are not every single thing in your home can go all year. But if your large pieces are neutral enough, easy changes can help you adapt quickly. A throw here, a bowl filled with apples instead of mini pumpkins there, and you're good. Even that same brown couch can be made to look like springtime with a mix of floral and striped pillows that bring in a few pops of color.

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