An Expert's Guide to Selling Your Houston Real Estate in Record Time

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The big cities in Texas are full of hot, real-estate listings. People are moving in and out of these areas in record numbers. You might have a property that's ready for a transfer, but you want to follow the proper steps toward selling it. Explore these top tips for selling your Houston home. There's a buyer for every property.

Critique Each Room

You may have lived at this property for several decades. Being accustomed to the surroundings is only natural. Take a moment to put yourself in the buyer's shoes. Walk into each room. Look at every feature within the spaces. Write down any changes that you'd make to sell the home. Removing an accent wall that's too bright might be on the list, for example.

Be aware of the clutter in each room too. Removing the clutter before the sale should be a goal. No property will sell with a messy interior.

Update the Simple Things

Sell your home in rapid time by updating the simple things. You don't have to add an entire addition onto the property or remodel the kitchen. Give the master bedroom a fresh coat of paint. Add new hardware onto the kitchen cabinets. These tiny details make a difference with buyers.

Don't forget to make the home's exterior a prettier place than before. Add in potted plants, and paint the front door a bold color. The details will add up to interested buyers who want to take a grand tour of the home.

Consider Staging

Staging a home is one of the best ways to show it off to buyers. Sellers borrow or rent home-decor items that can be used at the property during open houses. Throw pillows, artwork and even furniture are options for clever sellers. The concept behind staging is giving the property an unforgettable appearance without investing too much in the property.

From the moment that potential buyers walk in the room, the staging items tell a story. Buyers know where their couch should be located along with great ideas for art across the walls.

Choose Updates Based on the Neighborhood

Drive around your neighborhood, and you'll see common features among the various properties. Most of the properties might be one-story family homes or townhouse-style apartments. Strive for a cohesive appearance in the neighborhood. Your updates should complement the architectural style instead of defy it.

A property that has a huge, two-story addition will look out of place among a neighborhood of ranch-style homes. By following the neighborhood's decor style, the home's updates can be simple yet attractive to buyers.

Price the Property Appropriately

The home's price depends upon its size and features. Another influential aspect involves the neighborhood. Comparable homes in the neighborhood will be worth about the same amount. Be sure to price the property as dictated by the neighborhood's trends.

As an alternative, receive a quote from a third party that will pay for the property as-is. You may want to sell my house fast with Home Buyer Houston. By partnering with real-estate professionals, the property can transfer in little time to the new owners.

Remove the Personal Items

Think like a salesperson as you prepare the home for an open house. The home may be updated with the latest appliances, but there's one detail that cannot be overlooked. Personal items must be put away during the open house. Photos, awards and other items reflect your family's history. You want your home to attract buyers who envision themselves in the space for good. Basic artwork and sculptures within the spaces will only entice the buyers to bid instead of thinking about your family's accomplishments.

Be Open to Negotiation

You probably have a set figure in mind as the selling process progresses. Although you should have a goal in mind, don't hold too tightly to this detail. Be open to negotiation. You might gain a bid with a stipulation of leaving the laundry system for the new owners. Don't immediately refuse the offer. It may be a better deal in the end.

If the property seems to be stalling in the listings, consider a temporary hold on the selling process. Homes that remain stagnant on the listings will appear questionable to buyers. Ideally, a home shouldn't take more than six or eight weeks to sell. Try the market in the next few months. The perfect buyer might be available at that point.

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