3 Top-Secret Strategies That Will Make You a Rock Star

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Have you ever sat down and made a list of what you think you do differently from your competition? To the consumer, real estate agents don’t carry a high brand of differentiation, so it appears we all do the same kinds of actions to get a property sold. When thinking about what “special services” each of us can offer, we’re faced with the fact that we basically do many of the same types of service in slightly different ways. The challenge when working with a prospect is what can you do to set yourself apart and get that prospect to stop in their tracks and say “Wow!”

The strategies are so much easier than you think. No big dollar investment is required—but like any successful initiative, the plan needs action, execution and consistency.

Here are three tips that will create a substantial difference when it comes to delivering a unique, impressive, and remarkable experience:

1. Be distinctive, not just different.

From the first point of contact, inspect every aspect of your communication, follow-up, delivery and execution to plan out a truly unique interaction with your prospect. For a listing prospect, it may be the pre-appointment package that is delivered to their door before the actual listing meeting that requires a signature. The act of signing for the package itself creates a higher awareness of who you are and how you do what you do. Accentuate the difference with a follow-up call from your office to confirm the appointment date and time. The second impact occurs with a call the next day from your manager endorsing you as a great choice and offering office support. The final action before the appointment is a contact from your lender partner to the prospective client to extend their services for buyer pre-qualification. This team approach will “wow” the prospect over a singular offering every time.

2. Connect with high engagement.

Stand out, and be willing to go the extra mile. Emails might be simple and direct, but kick it up a notch by using a video email. A short video introduction can share what steps the prospect should expect throughout the process of buying or selling. This transparency gives the viewer the opportunity to “experience” you and connect in a more visual and auditory way, bridging the gap of differentiation that helps you to stand apart from the rest.

3. Aim for high relevancy in your marketing messages.

Do you get a load of junk mail both on and offline? No one wants more information unless they have interest. Go for narrowcasting versus broadcasting a marketing message that aligns with the specific interests of your target market. Instead of offering marketing data for the entire city, get more specific and share both video and downloadable reports that offer hyper-local data particular to a zip code, development or housing segment. Become the expert in your marketplace, and you’ll be on your way to achieving the goal of building a community of prospects that have specific interest in the information you share. Relevancy is the first step to attracting your tribe.
When you combine a few simple strategies, you’re on track to create a unique level of celebrity authority, personal branding, and high visibility designed to attract, connect and convert more prospects to profits.

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Terri Murphy

Terri Murphy, Communication engagement specialist, author, speaker, consultant, and Master Coach with Workman Success. She is the author of 5 books, TedTalk speaker and co-radio host on KWAMtheVoice.com. Contact: TerriMurphy.com or Email: [email protected]


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