Lakefront Living Market At Apple Valley Lake, Ohio

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One of the most popular questions I receive is” Where are all of the available Apple Valley Lakefront Homes for sale?”  

Lakefront Living Apple Valley

In 2006 when I started selling homes at Apple Valley, we were fortunate enough to have 15-20 homes on the water to choose from at just about any given time. Waterfront cabins that were priced at 200k all the way to luxury lakefront homes. Luxury sold for about what the average price is now, at $680k. My family purchased our first lakefront vacation property in 2000 for 151k! Yes! 151K!! It was a 3-bedroom, 1.5 bath cabin. You can’t even purchase a vacant waterfront lot for that now, unless its an unapproved lot that is deeper in the cove or near the marina area. The vacant lots are a scarce commodity now, anyway!

The Apple Valley lakefront housing started to decline in numbers, in 2015. Since then, we consider ourselves lucky to have 4-5 lakefront properties available at any given time. In high season, they come on the market, and if they are under 700k, they are usually scooped up within 1-2 weeks. Sometimes days, even hours!

Lakefront LivingWhat is the best way to make sure you don’t miss out on your Apple Valley lakefront vacation home? The answer is quite clear! Connect with one real \estate professional. Not just anyone. Rather one that knows the Apple Valley market! Especially the Apple Valley Lakefront market. Whether you are connected to our team or another agent, It's importat the agent understands you are ONLY working with them. You will get the exclusive treatment from our team! Toth and Team makes it our business to know what is for sale at Apple Valley at any given time. Many times, we get calls from other professionals about a lakefront home they are selling. They simply know we have the buyers. We also get other out of area agents referring their friends or families to us to sell their lakefront vacation home. The Hondros family interviewed and chose our team to list their lakefront second home. They are the owners of one of the largess real estate colleges in Ohio. Joe and I live in Apple Valley and can be at a door within minutes. I have FaceTimed with my exclusive clients on several occasions. We have even sold Apple Valley real estate, “sight unseen”.

Joe and I have niched at Apple Valley since 2006. We have owned property at the lake since 2000. Our micro focused niche is lakefront or waterfront homes and lots. We have matched more lake front sellers and buyers than any other real estate professional since 2006! Living on the water ourselves, we know the full time AND the part time lifestyle. We have the only Apple Valley focused office in Howard, Ohio (Just outside of Apple Valley).FIND OUR OFFICE HERE


Apple Valley Lake Ohio

Apple Valley Lakefront Homes Here | Apple Valley Lakefront Lots Here


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RE/MAX Consultant Group | Apple Valley Lake

We list and sell a lifestyle at Apple Valley Lake Ohio!! Specializing in waterfront, water view, golf course and apple Valley full time and 2nd homes. Joe, myself and our team have a niche website that features homes and lots for sale and the lifestyle living at Apple Valley Lake! We have been #1 in Apple Valley sales since 2017 and lakefront sales since 2006

I grew up in the real estate industry. I like to say that I've been selling real estate since I was 6! I hung out with my grandmother who was a top producer in the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio for years then eventually retiring from the business at the age of 90. My grandmother used say; "I give my clients more than what they expect" This quote has always been the staple of our business. Agents can sell the same product. We stand apart from others with the service that we deliver, focusing on Apple Valley homes and lots and taking excellent care of our clients! This has earned us numerous local, state and national awards.

Joe and I bought our first weekend home at Apple Valley Lake in 2000. Loving the lake lifestyle and the community so much, we moved to Apple Valley full time in 2005. We enjoy introducing folks to the area and to the joy of living the lake lifestyle. It's easy to sell what you love and believe in.

We work hard to master the market, serve our clients, and stay strong in our faith to serve each person in our path! Joe is a township trustee, local firefighter, paramedic and on the Apple Valley board of directors. These ties and trust of the community, is just what a client needs!

Joe & Sherrie Toth

RE/MAX Consultant Group | Apple Valley Lake

Mobile: 740-390-0735

email: [email protected]

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