5 Tips for Staging Your Home's Outdoor Space

Posted On Tuesday, 10 March 2020 12:36

For most home buyers, the outdoor space of a home is just as essential as the interior. Many people enjoy entertaining their guests outside. That is the reason why it is essential to make the outdoor spaces of your home more appealing, so you can sell your property faster.

Staging your home’s outdoor space can be done easily. All you have to do is to spruce up your landscaping, clean your outdoor area, and decorate it in a way that will appeal to your potential buyers and help them imagine themselves living in your home.

Below are some of the tips you can consider to stage the outdoor space of your home:

Clean and Get Rid of Clutter

To start the process of staging your outdoor space, you have to deep clean it first. Never ruin your hard work with your interior because of a chaotic backyard. Remember your outdoor mess can cause stains on your interior furniture or accessories.

Get rid of the dust and dirt from your walkways, stairs, patio, and other furniture you have. Make sure to get tall the cracks in the sidewalk that lead up to your home’s porch and window ledge’s crevices. If you are removing years of dirt buildup, you might want to use a pressure wash to knock out the stubborn layers.

If there are dead plants from your garden bed, get rid of them and update your porch light fixtures. If the lighting fixtures are still working, you can just give it a thorough cleaning.

Highlight Landscaping

Even if your outdoor space is beautiful, it will never really be complete if you don’t incorporate outdoor life and pretty plants. See to it that you showcase the landscaping of your outdoor living spaces by tidying up your garden beds and trimming trees and shrubs.

There are various landscaping tasks that increase the value of your home and may help you highlight your outdoor space. These can include spreading inorganic or organic mulch that will raise your space’s overall look. You may use energy-efficient spotlights to shine on your beautiful plants that offer seasonal color in case you have a scheduled showing during night time.

More often than not, mature landscapes are sought after elements of houses because they show your long-term maintenance and care of the property.

If you don’t know where and how to get started with landscaping your outdoor space, it is never a bad idea to hire professionals to help you. With the expertise and years of experience of experts, you can be assured that you will meet your landscaping needs, regardless of how big or small your area is.

Make Specific Areas

Your outdoor space must include various areas that future homeowners may enjoy in the future. Show off the potential for an outdoor dining area through creating an area for entertaining complete with outdoor dishes, chairs, and dining table.

The other areas may include more intimate nooks where several chairs can be placed together to make cozy spots for lounging and conversations. Moreover, you can make a recreational space where homeowners can have fun with a lawn game arena, swimming pool, and playground.

Furnish Your Backyard

If you want to make your home stand out to potential home buyers, highlighting the possibilities of your outdoor space can do the job for you. So, furnish your porch, deck or patio to naturally incorporate décor and furniture.

Stage your outdoor space using neutral pieces and a combination of colorful pillows so your buyers can envision their style and project your outdoor space into an enticing setup. With this in mind, you have to get rid of garden flags and lawn gnomes.

Don’t Forget to Add Color with Your Potted Plants

When staging your home for sale, never forget your yard. Adding some pots filled with colorful blooms is inexpensive and easy. Search for native plants to complement your yard’s beauty. There are various plants that you can consider for your outdoor space. Just choose the ones that can thrive in your area’s weather condition.


Home staging is very important to sell your house faster. However, if you miss an important area in your home, like your outdoor space, you probably won’t get your desired results. So, make sure to keep those tips in mind to stage your home’s outdoor space properly and you will see the difference.

If you can’t do staging by yourself, it’s always best to hire a staging expert who has expertise in exterior design. Hiring one may come in handy, especially when it comes to choosing furniture pieces suited for outdoor spaces. Thus, trustworthy staging experts can do their job fast and help you enjoy savings.

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