How Adding A Solar Power Panel Increases Your Home Value

Posted On Saturday, 16 May 2020 17:19

Are you planning to sell your home soon?  If so, consider adding a solar power panel to the property. This device attracts and stores solar energy. In return, it can give several benefits to the new homeowners. The additional demand helps increase your home’s curb value, and here are four ways how solar panels achieve that goal:

A Renewable Source Of Energy

Perhaps, the most redeeming quality of solar power panels is their ability to transform the sun’s rays into a renewable energy source. In contrast, many power plants use fossil fuels that harm the planet by expanding the hole in the ozone layer. 

Eco-friendly homebuyers will find your home to be of excellent value if you install solar panels. Solar energy will always be accessible, as long as the sun can provide the Earth with its rays. 

Furthermore, the new homeowners won't need to worry if the sun's not out during a particular day. The solar panels you purchase should come with a battery or generator where it keeps the stored energy supply. So, all household members can use the stored energy without harming the Earth’s atmosphere. 

However, the amount of solar energy gathered depends on specific factors, such as your location. For example, people in Phoenix, AZ, may have a better advantage when it comes to using solar panels more than those who are living in other states. Consider using keywords, like “Phoenix solar power company”, when searching for reliable solar panel suppliers in that particular area. 

Reduced Electricity Bills

Anybody would want to save money on electricity bills. However, the continuous rise of technology means additional demand for electricity in homes.

Plugging in more devices will only skyrocket your electricity bill, unless you're using solar panels. Your home can increase in value with the addition of solar panels as they give the new homeowners access to energy sources without relying on local utility companies. 

For example, the house is using 70% of the power generated from the solar panels, while the other 30% is electricity given by the local energy company. Now, imagine paying $100 per month for your electricity bill. So, if you’re only using 30% of the local energy grid, the monthly electricity bill for the property might go down to just about $30. 

Homebuyers may not mind investing top-dollar on your property, thanks to the long-term savings from the solar panels. As a bonus, the electricity bill might even become zero if the new property owners use 100% of the green energy generated from the panels. You can only imagine the amount of cash you can save from talking this route.

Minimal Maintenance Costs

Solar panels acquired from a reliable supplier won’t require a lot of care to maintain their efficiency. The new homeowners should only worry about keeping the panels relatively clean throughout the year. But, you can advertise that your clients will only need to clean the devices a couple of times per year. 

Furthermore, the new property owners don’t even have to do the cleaning themselves. Instead, specialized cleaning companies can do the job, and these services tend to be relatively inexpensive. 

Furthermore, the life of the panels and the equipment connected to them should last more than a few years. The panels should have a lifespan of about 20 to 25 years, whereas inverters and other components should last about five to 10 years. You may also pass the warranty for these parts to the next homeowner. Solar panel warranties can offer owners with peace of mind, knowing they don’t have to spend a lot of their hard-earned cash on part repairs and replacements. 

Zero Installation Costs

Increasing your home's value might mean that you need to invest in additional costs. With that in mind, you may need to spend extra cash for the installation of the solar panels. 

But, that idea also means that homebuyers won't have to spend a cent on solar panel installation fees. Adding comfort and convenience to your property can help increase its price and value. In return, you may gain a good return on investment (ROI) from the money you spent on the installation services. 


Solar power panels provide energy independence and minimal maintenance costs to homeowners, as well as significantly reduce electricity bills. These benefits can help increase your home’s value when you’re planning to sell the property. Furthermore, the new homeowners can gain the benefits provided by the solar panels you installed, such as not paying for installation fees. Contact a reliable solar panel supplier today to see how you or your interested homebuyers can benefit from solar panels.  

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