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Realty Times and Bring it Home Communities Announce Partnership Offering Free (Really!) Advertising for Small Businesses

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 02 December 2020 09:52

Historically, Americans have overcome adversity by coming together, and while Covid-19 has been a burden upon countless businesses across the nation, Realty Times® and its partner, Bring it Home Communities, is offering assistance to those businesses as a way of helping them weather this storm.

The two companies have launched a Bring it Home® initiative by offering free banner advertising on the Bring it Home ad network.

What is Bring it Home®?

Bring it Home® aims to provide a truly local alternative to the major listing portals, with the goal of returning real estate back to the community. The model includes a robust and eloquent consumer platform that bridges a long-standing gap between homebuyers and real estate agents and brokers.  

Bring it Home offers a community-based real estate portal featuring current real estate listings along with community news, lifestyle, and market conditions.

Even in these trying times, the Real Estate market has done well. Combine that with the well-known fact that consumers spend more in the first six months of acquiring a home than they do during the entire time of owning the home, and you’ve got an ideal advertising environment. Bring it Home is looking to pair small business with consumers during this period to produce the much-needed visibility to companies wishing to encourage consumers to acquire products and services related to the home, and at no cost to them.

Free advertising, really.

There isn’t a catch, or even a credit card required to participate. Participating businesses will be promoted on or one of six Bring it Home® real estate portals. Banner ads will run in rotation and include banner ad creatives designed and provided at no cost. The service will be entirely free of charge, requires no contract and will run for a minimum of 90 days.

An especially attractive incentive for participating businesses is the inclusion of their ads in the patented “My Offers” business directory. My Offers is a unique advertising tool which allows ads to be automatically “saved” so that consumers can revisit and search for them again later on and avoid “refresh regret.” Ordinarily, if a consumer refreshes a page or clicks to the next page before copying a coupon code from a banner ad, for instance, the ad would be gone until luck of the draw brings it up again. With My Offers, however, the ad will be saved in a special section on the website so that the consumer can easily revisit it later on.

In trying times as these, it’s important to support our small businesses and Realty Times and Bring It Home Communities are looking to do just that. As the Realty Times CEO, John Giaimo, put it, “Covid19 has caused considerable harm to small businesses. Brick and mortar retailers, contractors and local service companies need help. It is my hope that our growing network of community real estate portals can direct some much-needed business traffic to them.”

To take advantage of this free opportunity, please visit, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 714-528-3779.


Bring it Home® ad network is operated under Bring it Home Communities, Inc. and licensed by advertising network technology provider Ad Persistence LLC . Realty Times, Inc. is a trusted source of real estate news and advice for over 21 years.

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