No Commissions Are Paid on Inventory!

Written by Posted On Monday, 03 May 2021 00:00

Here we go again! The constant whine about how hard it is to be in real estate because of the lack of inventory. How tough it is to deal with multiple bid situations, houses selling well over asking, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!

I might even buy into the challenges if it weren’t for a few things:

• 2018 was a record setting year – highest from 2006
• The 2019 came along and sold more homes than 2018
• Then, despite COVID-19, 2020 surpassed 2019. 

Now we are seeing projections from many groups that expect 2021 to outpace 2020, and 2022 to be even stronger. So I ask this again, “Why is everyone so upset that so many people want to buy houses?” You would think people would be happy? I remember when the housing market went bad and there was what seemed like years’ worth of inventory sitting with nobody to even bother looking at them. Was being bored and broke, better than productive and profitable? The fact we all may have to work a little harder and process more transactions is a problem? Does everyone forget that there are no commissions paid on inventory?

Listings are great and begin the process, but without a buyer, you have nothing! I get that there are challenges, but thousands of people overcome the odds and win the contract to buy their home! In fact, as I wrote about last week, and spoke to in my interview with Realty Times Magazine published last Friday, if you focus on what is winning, you stand a better chance of being the one that wins!

So please; how about we focus on winning instead of whining; look at how deals are won in your market, not the reason you lost your bid, and put your mind straight as to the magnitude of the opportunity, not the difficulty or excuse of what needs to be done to WIN!

There are no commissions paid on inventory, you get paid when your client WINS!

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Michael White

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