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Saturday, January 1, 2022

Sat on the couch with Royal, 10-yrs old, and discussed what he wants to become, create, and accomplish in 2022.

We didn’t use words like “Goals”, “Resolutions”, or “Intentions”, we just simply talked about things he wanted to improve, work on, become.

“Get better at skateboarding” was first, and then I asked him, “How do you measure that you got better?”  He said, “Learn and land a kick-flip.”  

I asked, “How do you keep track that you did a kick-flip?”  He said, “I will mark it off when I practice it, and once I land it, will put a big black checkmark on my paper!” 

This is the simplest level of creating your life.

To do this process (The ICM Process) with a child is the best way to determine what you will do with your life because it helps you realize all you want to become for yourself.

By the end of his list creation, which included aspirations such as:

Play football

Go to bed on time so I can be on time for school 

Learn how to make food

We also set some marks to have him keep track, between the written words now taped to his wall in his room, to the digital tracking on his phone for every time he moves the needle of his skillset, he is all set for 2022.

He then determined, “I like my list!  Whenever I’m not sure what to do, or get bored, I can look at this and know what I want to work on!”

Love it. He gets it.

After he was done I said, “We can call these our GOALS for 2022”, so he wrote that at the top.

And then I asked him the simple question that will drive the whole year:

“What will be your main PROMISE Proclamation that you can focus on, that has no deadline, that is a behavior you can improve and focus on all the time?” 

He made The Promise:

“I PROMISE TO BE NICE & Stick Up for People”

Write it, stamp it, send it in Jerome!

So proud of my little boy, and we will revisit this on a weekly and monthly basis throughout the year.

This is the very profound ICM Process in action:


You may know that I like to start my speeches with, “Why set a Goal when you can make a Promise?” but that doesn’t mean Goals aren’t important – of course they are – Goals are Particulars where Promises are Proclamations!

Set your Goals and make your Promises accordingly, to advance each other. 

My hope is that, when I am long gone, my son will remember that this process was something we did together, a Signature Move I was known for, in helping him create his own Signature Moves.

As Legendary Leaders we create our lives, and mentor those we lead to define their own Promise.  Be it a son, a friend, a co-worker, or a coaching client, we have every opportunity to inspire those who touch our lives.

And most importantly we must model the behavior & the practice ourselves.  My Goals, My Promises, also sit proudly on my wall for all to see and keep me accountable.  It’s the best way to live.

Your Promise Prompt to Start 2022:

  1. Who will you sit with and help Identify, Clarify, and Magnify their 2022 Promises & Goals?
  2. What Goals & Promises did you miss in 2021?
  3. Which of those Goals & Promises that you didn’t reach were so painful that you will not allow yourself to fall short in 2022?

Here’s to a great New Year!

(And remember: You can start this process any day, any moment, any hour – just do so sooner than later) 

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