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Posted On Friday, 15 July 2022 16:31

Handrails are mostly found on stairways, such as an escalator at the mall or on the subway. They are also often present in bathrooms or similar places. Handrails serve as a support system while descending or ascending a staircase. They are also used to hang clothes in the bathroom. They are designed to prevent injurious falls by supporting the body while one is walking down or up the stairways. However, they are themselves supported by being attached to a wall or kept in place by a hold on a concrete floor.

Of course, handrails don't just magically appear; they must be installed. Since they can be found in multiple places serving multiple purposes, they are incredibly popular. So, if you decide you need a couple of handrails installed, who do you go to? Well, if you haven't heard about Star Gate & Fence, then you have now. Star Gate & Fence can handle the installation, fitting, and design of any type of handrail. We are a professional outfit, and as our name suggests, we are your go-to company for any such service needs in Dallas, TX.

The Best Material for A Proper Handrail

Seeing that handrails are made from different materials depending on the desired look and environment, most are, however, often made from steel, metal, aluminum, and wrought iron, which is more popular in commercial environments. Sometimes, glasses are found attached, especially if there is something to keep in view beyond the railing.

So, have you got an upcoming project where you'd need handrails? Star Gate & Fence is your number one outdoor construction company. Our company can install steel, metal, aluminum, or wrought iron railings depending on your preference. These are the best materials for such, in case you've been wondering. We are available in Dallas, TX to deliver the best outdoor construction services to you. There is always a difference when you hire the right company for such services. This is important because you would want the best materials used for whatever construction you need to be done.

How Do I Choose the Best Railings?

You should be aware that there are different types of handrails. And that they come in different shapes, sizes, and designs, which are ultimately affected by the environment in which you intend to have them installed. The types of hand railing designs include:

  • The wall-mounted handrail
  • The guardrail-mounted handrail

These two different designs serve different purposes on the stairway. However, they are both attached to provide support in varying ways for people climbing up and down the stairs. As the name implies, the wall-mounted handrail is fitted into the wall and used in place of the integrated handrail. The guardrail, on the other hand, serves as an extension to the path of egress for added support.

Star Gate & Fence can take care of any of these types of rails for stairways. We understand our job and have the right tools and equipment to build the perfect rails for your business, residential place, or any outdoor recreational place such as a pool.

Important Takeaway

The thing about these railings is that they don't just provide support for people going up and down the stairs, they also play an important role in the appearance of that staircase. Hence, as we mentioned earlier, they serve different purposes. The better they look, the better the appearance of your staircase. Get in touch with Star Gate & Fence for railing needs in Dallas, TX. You would have made the right move as we are the best of such service providers in the city.


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