6 Benefits Of Installing Home Solar Systems

Posted On Monday, 27 February 2023 19:51

Solar energy is a renewable energy source many people have considered for a long while. Homeowners make up most of its market. In fact, home solar systems are becoming a new staple in modern, eco-friendly properties.  

Even if you don’t have one right now, you may have thought about it at some point. As concerns about environmental impact and sustainability skyrocket, it’s only a matter of time before you need to seriously consider alternative energy. Whichever side you may be on the energy policy debates, there’s no denying that solutions must be found soon before we face a bigger catastrophe. 

It just so happens that solar energy offers a practical solution. 

If you’re still reading, you’ve probably come around to the idea. In that case, it’s a question of understanding how home solar systems work and what they can do for you. 

Pricing is an obvious thing to get out of the way first. Some comprehensive systems can indeed cost much upfront. But the returns on your monthly bills make them worthwhile. 

Furthermore, you can easily get a reliable contractor to install it for you. So, you don’t have to fuss over putting together a system from scratch. Look out for companies like Smart Solar Energy in Vancouver Washington that help you transition to solar power. 

Here are more things you should know about home solar systems.

How Do Home Solar Systems Work? 

The average home solar system has solar panels consisting of photovoltaic cells. These are responsible for converting sunlight into direct current (DC). When solar radiation hits the panels, the cells take in the energy and change it into electricity. This process usually works even on overcast days, though the amount of generated electricity may vary.

From there, the solar system sends the DC into an inverter to change it again into alternating current (AC), the standard power source for machinery and appliances. That gets stored in a battery which you tap into anytime. Any extra energy simply gets fed back into the grid.

Since they must channel direct sunlight to produce energy, most home solar systems are installed outside your home or on the garage. You usually find them on roofs, though some people use open, clutter-free yards instead.

Benefits Of Installing One At Home

Installing a home solar system may serve as an alternative energy source or complement to your regular power supply.

For example, if you want to cut your consumption at nighttime, you can switch over to the solar power battery to continue using your lighting and appliances.

Aside from that financial advantage, here are more benefits of having a home solar system: 

  1. 1. Reduces Electricity Costs  

As mentioned before, the biggest benefit of having a home solar system is how much it lets you save on power.

With more people choosing to live together, most households are bound to consume more electricity. High power bills are the last thing you want when the cost of living is already high.

You can consider solar panels as an asset that lets you access electricity long after it has already paid for itself. By having a steady source of energy, you protect yourself and your household from high power costs and even have a buffer against fluctuating rates in the future. That can help you save so much in the long run.

Modern solar panels can also operate effectively for years without requiring intensive maintenance. This makes them an even more reliable option for alternative energy.

  1. 2. Boosts Property Value  

Another advantage of having a home solar system is increasing the overall property value. More homebuyers are becoming conscious about their lifestyle choices, including how they run the places they live in. The more it helps them to stay sustainable, the more likely that they would invest in it.

Usually, you can take back the cost of the average home solar system installation in the property's final sale price. Such a property also benefits from lower energy costs and attractive tax benefits that can more than offset the system's cost throughout its warranty. 

As for the length of time a solar-powered home stays on the market, it varies by region. But as mentioned previously, more people want sustainable homes. This makes solar power systems assets and selling points.

They also have the added benefit of lengthening a roof’s lifespan. That’s because solar panels offer a level of protection from elements such as rain and sleet. If you have problems with energy efficiency during the summer, your solar system can even help with reducing heat by keeping the sun’s rays from raising your home’s temperature.

Such practical benefits make solar systems a wonderful addition to any property.

  1. 3. Enhances Sustainability

Investing in a home solar system allows homeowners to embrace a lifestyle that doesn’t rely heavily on the usual power sources. In regions where the consumption of fossil fuels is high, the transition to solar may be the key to limiting greenhouse gas emissions, reducing pollution, improving public health, and maintaining ecological balance.

Unlike regular electricity, solar panels don’t produce any emissions when used. It’s why they’re a popular choice for urban planners and home builders alike who want to create properties that aid sustainability goals.

Solar energy is ‘clean’ in so many ways. After manufacturing and distribution, they don’t leave behind a huge carbon footprint once you put them to use. It truly is a tool for sustainability at all ends of its production cycle. 

  1. 4. Provides Independence From The Energy Grid   

This dovetails neatly from the previous point. Homeowners who shift to a solar power system can achieve energy independence, meaning they’re no longer relying on the grid to continue living well.  

Solar systems use batteries to store the energy they produce. With this setup, homeowners can be ready in case of short and long-term grid outages due to weather, line maintenance, or other events. This makes them really handy for folks who want the option of staying out of regular urban living and maintaining their own lifestyles.

If you’re not one of them, that’s fine. You can instead use your solar system as a secondary source whenever you want to cut your regular consumption. This way, you avoid consumption hikes during peak seasons and stay protected from changing power rates.

The price of solar batteries discouraged many homeowners in the early years, but it has been going down as technology improved. So, make sure your solar power system has an appropriate battery to meet your household’s needs.

  1. 5. Lets You Qualify For Tax Privileges And Cash Incentives  

Here’s something you, as a homeowner, should definitely think about.

To support sustainability initiatives, some places actually offer tax privileges and cash incentives to people who switch to alternative energy. If you decide to invest in your system in full, you may be able to cover a large amount of your investment with the help of federal solar tax credit, net metering, and many similar benefits.  

The availability of these incentives should make switching to solar power a good move. Certain programs award homeowners with credit if they can produce more electricity than they consume. Others work by giving homeowners cash if they can make their homes more energy efficient. 

As for the federal solar tax credit, it's essentially a credit that a person can declare on federal income taxes for a given portion of the price of a solar system installation.

Some power companies ‘buy back’ the excess electricity your solar power system produces. This allows you to offset your monthly electric bills. Over time, you can enjoy huge savings on your power costs while at the same time earning from the excess power that goes back up to the grid.

Check out your local legislation concerning alternative energy credits. That should make home solar systems a more attractive idea. After all, who doesn’t want to keep more of their hard-earned money?

  1. 6. Lets You Have A Highly Versatile Source Of Power

At this point, you might be thinking, ‘why solar power?’

There are indeed other popular sources of alternative energy that may be just as effective. Hydro and wind power easily come to mind.

The problem with these energy sources is that they require so many additional resources to produce adequate power for consumption. They’re also limited by location; wind turbines need wide, open spaces to get enough propulsion from natural wind. Meanwhile, hydroelectric power systems need to be close to large bodies of water.

In contrast, home solar systems only take up a small portion of space in a property. Since the sun is virtually visible in the typical housing layout, there’s no hurdle to getting your power from one place to another. And even when output is low during certain times of the year, you still get a steady source of energy whenever you need it.

Time To Think About Solar Power

You can get a home solar system for any combination of these benefits. The point is that you don’t have to rely solely on power systems that cost the environment and even your well-being too much in the long run. Start going through your local catalogs and chatting with a trusted solar power system installer today.

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