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“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”  Anonymous

We are experiencing an unusual real estate market convergence of robust home sales, the highest home values we have ever seen, and the lowest mortgage rates we have ever seen. These three factors, rarely ever seen operating together, are like walking into a master design studio full of problem-solving tools and innovative ideas hanging on every hook. As a result, you can redesign your home, your finances, and your lifestyle. Don’t wait too late to get started, though.

The market is always moving. This week we were surprised by mortgage rates dipping lower than we have seen since February. The Federal Reserve assured investors they would give plenty of notice before tapering off on the mortgage-backed security bond buying.  The Fed’s aggressive bond-buying has been a critical reason mortgage rates have remained artificially low for over a year.   

Inflation metrics have been running hot. We are seeing strong economic numbers and the lowest number of Covid-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic. Usually, these factors would send mortgage rates spiking higher.  

Here are some common customer goals we see in the mortgage office:

1. First-time homebuyers are slamming the door on rising rents and opening the door to buying their first home.
2. Home sellers are taking their profits to leverage up to a larger house.   The low interest rate still makes this a good deal even though the person selling their home will need to buy another home which has also gone up in price.
3. Homeowners are refinancing to pay off their mortgage sooner, eliminating years of payments.
4. Homeowners are refinancing with a cash-out to get rid of other high-interest rate debt, freeing up money each month to apply to paying down more debt quicker at a lower interest rate.  Many times the client is remodeling the home or investing in a business or other endeavor. 

Homeowners, home buyers, and home sellers are moving quickly in this market.  They are looking for home repair pros, realtors, mortgage lenders, closing attorneys, and more as they redesign their finances, home, and lifestyle.  As a real estate or mortgage professional, when you are already well-connected to these knowledgeable professionals,  you become a more valuable resource.  You are like a one-stop shop for your customer.  

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What if there was a way to schedule yourself an hour a week to help you generate $25K, $50K, $100K, or more? In our business it isn’t all that big a challenge if we make a choice to commit the effort toward that specific result. It really is that simple, you just have to do three things:

1. Identify the time, this case Wednesday for an hour
2. Identify the strategy – plenty to choose from
3. Commit to the work until you reach the result.

It’s not any harder than that! For most of my clients. It is just a matter of setting it up as a personal challenge and then holding them accountable to the plan and the work!

Right now, my favorite challenge is looking back over the clients we did loans for prior to December of last year, or those we spoke with about doing a loan that couldn’t or wouldn’t do a loan because it didn’t make sense at the time or wasn’t as financially viable as it needed to be. Let’s look at the possibilities:

• Those who did loans, especially with PMI, are likely to benefit from refinancing out of that loan into a conforming loan without that PMI or MI cost. With appreciation rates over 13% nationally, it isn’t hard to see how you can make it work, especially if you start with your FHA and USDA closings.
• Next, we deal with those where there wasn’t enough equity to cash out what the customer needed to accomplish their goals. Once again, appreciation now helps us out and maybe enough to get it all done.
• Last, debt consolidation remains a very viable savings for many homeowners.
• BONUS TIP: For those who thought about moving and didn’t; things may now be clearer in their lives to make it more advantageous to sell and buy what they really need! 

So set your financial target, make your prospect list, schedule your time, and make the calls! The plan works if you work it!

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