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We have about a week or so left to put together and close deals in 2023. Everyone should be beating the bushes and shaking the trees to take advantage of the opportunities available and the ability to exercise your speed advantage to help those who really need to get things done before the year ends. It is also a great time to keep having all of those conversations that can continue to show your abilities as others around you have to sit on the sidelines and wait for 2024!

A solid week in the bond market and rates continue to improve slowly but surely. We saw a continuation of weaking jobs numbers this week as the ADP numbers were significantly below expectations and if supported by today’s initial and continuing claims numbers will set the stage for Friday’s BLS jobs report for November. I expect that the economy is showing signs of weakness as more and more the consumer is running out of ability to just keep accumulating debt as they deal with higher debt loads. There was also a slowdown in the number of people leaving their old jobs for newer and improved opportunities. Once again, this could be the consumer trying to get into a more stable situation or possibly a lack of confidence in the future.

Mortgage applications were up by 2.8% in the last week and refinances led the way, seeing a 13.9% increase, and are just 10% under what they were at the same time last year. While I don’t see a coming refinance boom soon, refinances are one way the consumer is trying to stabilize their monthly cash flow as they deal with high credit card balances and the return of student loan payments.

Congratulations to those who have really pushed hard these past few weeks to set up a really strong December closing schedule and help build a solid pipeline for January! You trusted that the effort would be worth it, and it really paid off as you were ready and prepared to do the deals the others didn’t see coming! One more week to drive it all home, and then close the loans and enjoy the fruits of your labor!

I am looking to add one or two new teams (depending on size) to the program. If you are interested, please feel free to reach out and we can schedule a call to discuss your needs and budget. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Prices are falling from a year ago in four Texas metrosAustin, San Antonio, Houston and Fort Worthand in Portland, OR. Redfin predicts price declines will become more widespread in the new year.

Homebuying is becoming more affordable as mortgage rates continue declining—the median U.S. housing payment was $2,561 during the four weeks ending December 3, down $177 from the record high they hit in October. This according to a new report from Redfin (, the technology-powered real estate brokerage. That’s spurring action from sidelined homebuyers and sellers.

Mortgage-purchase applications are up 15% from the 28-year low they dropped to at the start of November. New listings are up 7% year over year, the biggest increase since August 2021, and the number of homeowners contacting Redfin for help selling their home is up by double digits from a year ago.

Mortgage rates are coming down because economic events are tilting in the housing market’s favor. This week, a softer-than-expected report on job openings is another piece of evidence on a growing pile that the Fed may cut interest rates sooner than anticipated. The daily average 30-year fixed rate was 7.04% on December 6, down from 8% six weeks earlier and its lowest level since the start of August.

“With the hope of a few more homes coming on the market, buyers who can afford 7% mortgage rates or pay in cash have some bargaining power,” said Phoenix Redfin Premier Van Welborn. “People are taking their time looking at multiple homes, and they’re able to back out if the inspection uncovers problems because they can wait for something better to come on the market. But there isn’t much wiggle room on price: I’m advising buyers to be reasonable with their offers because home values are still relatively high and sellers don’t want to let go of their home for less than what they feel it’s worth.”

Home prices are falling from a year ago in five of the 50 most populous U.S. metros. Redfin predicts prices will start declining in more metros in 2024, though they still have room to grow in inexpensive parts of the country.

Leading indicators

Indicators of homebuying demand and activity


Value (if applicable)

Recent change

Year-over-year change


Daily average 30-year fixed mortgage rate

7.04% (Dec. 6)

Down from 7.22% a week earlier; lowest level since beginning of August

Up from 6.33%

Mortgage News Daily

Weekly average 30-year fixed mortgage rate

7.22% (week ending Nov. 30)

Down from two-decade high of 7.79% six weeks earlier

Up from 6.49%

Freddie Mac

Mortgage-purchase applications (seasonally adjusted)


Unchanged from a week earlier (as of week ending Dec. 1)

Down 17%

Mortgage Bankers Association

Redfin Homebuyer Demand Index (seasonally adjusted)


Up 3% from a month earlier (as of the week ending Dec. 3)

Down 7%

Redfin Homebuyer Demand Index, a measure of requests for tours and other homebuying services from Redfin agents

Google searches for “home for sale”


Down 4% from a month earlier (as of Dec. 2)

Down 4%

Google Trends

Touring activity


Down 30% from the start of the year (as of Dec.3)

At this time last year, it was down 37% from the start of 2022

ShowingTime, a home touring technology company

Key housing-market data

U.S. highlights: Four weeks ending December 3, 2023

Redfin’s national metrics include data from 400+ U.S. metro areas, and is based on homes listed and/or sold during the period. Weekly housing-market data goes back through 2015. Subject to revision.


Four weeks ending December 3, 2023

Year-over-year change


Median sale price



Prices are up partly because rapidly rising mortgage rates were hampering prices during this time last year

Median asking price



Biggest increase since Sept. 2022

Median monthly mortgage payment

$2,561 at a 7.22% mortgage rate


Down $177 from all-time high set during the four weeks ending Oct. 22. Lowest level since August.

Pending sales




New listings



Biggest uptick since August 2021. The increase is partly because new listings were falling at this time last year.

Active listings



Smallest decline since June

Months of supply

4.1 months

+0.1 pt.

4 to 5 months of supply is considered balanced, with a lower number indicating seller’s market conditions

Share of homes off market in two weeks


Up from 28%


Median days on market


-3 days


Share of homes sold above list price


Up from 25%


Share of homes with a price drop


+0.3 pts.


Average sale-to-list price ratio


+0.4 pts.


Metro-level highlights: Four weeks ending December 3, 2023

Redfin’s metro-level data includes the 50 most populous U.S. metros. Select metros may be excluded from time to time to ensure data accuracy.


Metros with biggest year-over-year increases

Metros with biggest year-over-year decreases


Median sale price

Anaheim, CA (18.6%)

Fort Lauderdale, FL (12%)

Newark, NJ (11.4%)

New Brunswick, NJ (10.5%)

San Diego, CA (10.3%)

Austin, TX (-9.6%)

San Antonio, TX (-2.1%)

Houston (-0.9%)

Portland, OR (-0.8%)

Fort Worth, TX (-0.5%)

Declined in 5 metros

Pending sales

San Jose, CA (7.3%)

Austin, TX (2.1%)

Milwaukee (1%)

Fort Worth, TX (0.6%)

Los Angeles (0.4%)

Cleveland, OH (-21.9%)

Cincinnati, OH (-21.8%)

New York (-17.9%)

Providence, RI (-17.4%)

Boston (-16.1%)

Increased in 5 metros

New listings

Orlando, FL (27.6%)

Phoenix (20.7%)

West Palm Beach, FL (16.2%)

Las Vegas (14.8%)

Miami (14.7%)

Cleveland, OH (-17.8%)

Atlanta (-16.1%)

San Francisco (-15%)

Oakland, CA (-7.2%)

Boston (-7.1%)

Declined in 12 metros

To view the full report, including charts, please visit:

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