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Choosing between lead generation through cold calling or LinkedIn is not a toss up. It depends on various factors, such as your industry sector, target audience and budget. In the real estate industry, both are powerful but the effectiveness can vary depending on the market segment. Residential real estate is very different than commercial, for example. Using AI on LinkedIn can significantly enhance your lead generation efforts.

LinkedIn Pros:

Targeted outreach: You can be precise when targeting your audience based on factors like their industry or role. This is beneficial for commercial and residential markets. AI tools can automate and personalize messages. It also ensures regular communication that is timely. Lead generation done through AI can identify the right prospects based on job title, industry and location.

Professional network: LinkedIn offers access to a vast network and companies. You can connect with other realtors, investors and commercial clientele. LinkedIn Sales Navigator, while not purely AI, offers advanced filters and recommendations to help find great leads.

Sharing of content: LinkedIn allows you to share valuable content and establish thought leadership. For example, success stories and market insights can both build credibility. When using AI on LinkedIn, AI can suggest relevant content topics based on trends in order to engage your audience.

LinkedIn Cons:

Indirect approach: LinkedIn provides a less immediate response and is not as direct as a simple phone call. Initial contact is less personal.

Algorithm: Success can be impacted by your activity level on the platform as well as the algorithm.

What is the best approach?

Start with LinkedIn and end with a phone call

For many realtors and brokers, a hybrid approach works best. Individuals can begin by reaching out to potential clients via LinkedIn. They can share regular content on the platform including success stories in order to keep people engaged. Following up will be key for maintaining new connections and building relationships. A phone call will be powerful for discussing specific needs and opportunities.

Reminder For Sales Calls:

Develop a clear script that doesn’t sound forced. Refer to great bullet points. Schedule calls daily. Block a few hours in your busy day to make them. Use a CRM system to track your efforts.  In real estate, leveraging both sales calls and LinkedIn can provide a powerful approach to lead generation.

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So much of the mortgage industry is based upon simple rules like, it either works or it doesn’t, or you can either document it, or you can’t! We don’t make the rules, we just navigate each opportunity. The path to success is different, but always we strive for the same conclusion; a closed loan, satisfied referral partners, and clients that experienced an exceptional process. It doesn’t matter about the markets, the interest rates, or the type of loan programs that were involved, if you are aware of what the true mission is, history will repeat for you over and over and over again! Unfortunately, the same holds true when you don’t produce these outcomes and experiences, your poor results will also repeat! Those that don’t learn the lessons of history are condemned to endless failures, while those that do, will prosper knowing that it isn’t price that makes a career; it’s the PROCESS! Master your process and control your own success!

History also teaches us that our markets are framed by national rules, regulations, and pricing, but our individual environment shapes the when, where, and how business is transacted. Never is that more important than these 90 days from just before school closes, and a couple of weeks after school is back in session. That 90-day window can control as much as 70% of your annual production IF you have a plan and execute it well! The reason: those families trying to navigate selling, buying, and moving in a short window is about as stressful as it gets. If you can guide those families well, referrals, like history, will repeat!

Speaking of history, the bond market has been very unhappy the past couple of days and history tells us that it doesn’t take much to push it one way or the other. Especially given we have out regular initial jobless and continuing claims this morning, along with GDP numbers. Add in that tomorrow we have the PCE numbers, and we could easily see the good, the bad, and possibly the UGLY!

So please, be aware of the information and the impact on the markets both today and tomorrow. It may be completely benign, or we could easily see significant movement in one direction or the other. So be sure to check your resources for the information and be certain you are prepared for any outcome. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared for the worst, and then celebrate the best if that should be the case.

As always, questions or comments: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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