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Last week I posed the dilemma: 2 good choices, only one solution, which promise do I keep?  Here’s a LINK back to the article.

As my Dad had an event he wanted me to attend, and my Son had a basketball game, you (the Reader) were kind enough to send along your thoughts, suggestions, wisdom, and advice on what I should do.

Your recommendations were about 50/50.  So, this proves it was a true dilemma!

What did I end up doing? 

I absolutely could not attend both, nor could I watch a video online of the speaker, my Dad could not attend the game with my son, and so all bets were off.

Here’s what I did:

I called my Dad and asked him about his event.

As he was a sponsor of it, this was a very important moment for him and he was hoping I’d attend.

When I explained my dilemma, that this was the first time, most likely the last, where fathers had been invited to play a basketball game with the sons, he said, “Of course, play the game!  You’re young enough to still play with your son, and in shape, you should do that.  Of course I’d like you to be at my event, but not playing the game with your son will be something you’ll always wish you did as you grow older as a father.” 

I asked how I could make it up to him, as my Dad.

He said, “Well, the next morning there is a VIP breakfast where the speaker will be sharing more messages, if you are available to attend with me that would be wonderful.” 

And so it was, problem solved.

I played the game with my son, and although I haven’t played a full court pickup game since tearing my ACL in 2002, and knowing I would regret it physically due to my latest back and leg pains, I still went all in.  I missed more than half my shots, the glory of yesteryear nowhere near here.  In the many missed shots we laughed as we played, and had a wonderful time.  The Dads fared better than anyone expected and my wife even made a compilation video for us to laugh about. 

The next morning I crawled out of bed, slathered on the IcyHot, doTerra Deep Blue, and after a quick ice bath, went to my Dad’s VIP event in the morning.  I got to meet the world renowned speaker, and was surprised when he invited my Dad and fellow business associates up to be recognized.  Had I attended the night before I wouldn’t have seen this moment, and captured it on film to send to my Dad afterward.

It was wonderful to be able to have all things work out in this instance.  Not all promise dilemmas are like this, but I learned a powerful lesson:

What this dilemma caused me was worry, concern to disappoint others, and as if there were no compromise.

The lesson learned is that COMMUNICATION and FULL TRANSPARENCY is essential in making Promise decisions. 

I’m grateful I called my Dad to talk it through.  I really figured he’d recommend I do what I ended up doing, because that’s what he instilled in me as a young man – being a father is the greatest responsibility – and as my father’s son we will carve out other chances to hang out.

Thankfully this worked for all parties involved.

Communication and Full Transparency, Honesty, Trust – it all matters in making our decisions and keeping promises, and especially when faced with The Promise Dilemma between choosing Good vs. Good.

What are your thoughts on how this turned out?

Are you surprised or disagree?

And what are your latest promise dilemmas that may be challenging you?

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If you are in business, you have to make money. That’s not a question; it’s a fact. It is also a future certainty. Whether digital or physical, so long as currency exists, you will need to work to make it, use it to pay for things and save it for the stability of your business and employees.

After all, a popular quote in business books and often referenced by Kevin O’Leary on TV’s Shark Tank is, “If a business doesn’t make you money, it’s a hobby.”

However, money should not be the stand-alone measurement for how you weigh out the success of your business. It doesn’t matter if you are a small- to medium-sized business or a massive corporation, chasing money alone will only strand you on a plateau of worry. But if you need to make money, why shouldn’t you classify “success” as “making a lot of it”?

What else can be the better definition of “success” in your industry, and how can you use other future certainties to achieve that type of success money can’t buy?

Find What Makes You Significant

Instead, businesses and business leaders should chase significance.

Significance will not only bring you the money most follow endlessly; it will bring you something of far more value: longevity in business.

In the past, I have written blogs about valuing significance over success. This is where innovation using disruptive digital technology or foreseeable Hard Trend future certainties can transform an industry or the world for the better, and in turn, you generate a profit and grow your organization.

With a plethora of businesses emerging that all have a mission statement of changing the world, it may seem like a heavily saturated business principle. Everyone wants to change the world, is going green or trying to save lives with their products or services; why or how can your organization be any different?

If you already own or lead a business or organization, the answer to that comes from a combination of looking for a problem to solve and using my aforementioned Hard Trend Methodology to identify the Hard Trend future certainties shaping the world both inside and out of your own industry, and the Soft Trends open to influence.

The Perfect Companion

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the leading disruptive digital technologies that is transforming so many facets of organizations and industries around the globe.

We clearly see it in the manufacturing sector, where artificially intelligent robots are replacing humans in doing mundane tasks, causing some to worry that this disruptive technology will only take more jobs away as time goes on. This may sound negative, but in other areas, it can actually change and improve the world.

Ageless Innovations, founded internally at Hasbro, was created on the premise of chasing significance over success, and utilizing my Hard Trend Methodology to do so. They manufacture robotic, artificially intelligent companion animals for seniors and other individuals who cannot own a living pet for a variety of reasons.

The product, referred to as Joy For All, pairs the digital with the physical. AI is combined with unbelievably fluid robotics to create a lifelike dog or cat. The software that runs the robotic companion animal also learns and grows with the owner via an app, emulating a pet’s growing affection.

A Closer Look at Their Significance

This innovation is certainly significant, but let’s look a little deeper into the few main ways this relates to my Hard Trend Methodology.

First, Ageless Innovations noted that AI is a Hard Trend in and of itself that will only accelerate while identifying that the Soft Trend of AI is that there is boundless opportunity to leverage it in exponential ways. Then, they simply looked for a problem to solve with this Hard Trend.

And second, they noted a completely different Hard Trend — age. Aging is a future certainty, and in many cases, an individual may be alone during later stages in life and in a situation where they need companionship, but cannot afford or care for a pet. This product emulates that companionship without the need to feed it, take it to the vet or suffer any risk of neglect.

Furthermore, Ageless Innovations also looked to a Hard Trend of younger individuals who may not be able to have a living pet due to a disability, both physical or mental, that also need companionship or perhaps a therapeutic comfort animal.

Think Exponentially and Anticipate the Future

No matter which of their Hard Trend thought processes connect with you the most, it is clear that Ageless Innovations thought quite exponentially about their significance as a company, and their financial success is following suit. And just think of how they will be able to bring even more lifelike characteristics to their product as AI gets better thanks to other digital advancements, such as edge computing where the processing of information is done right at the source!

Use this example to think of ways in which you can think exponentially about what your organization can do to significantly impact your industry and the world. Likewise, implement an Anticipatory mindset about the future by paying attention to the future and its problems that will need solutions.

So how can you leverage disruptive digital technology to make the world a better place and, in turn, unlock a level of longevity for your organization that may have been otherwise unattainable?

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Some people are looking at poor fourth quarter results and first quarter projections that are downright abysmal. You have a choice to make, you can complain about interest rates and inventory, or you can work with what is winning!

It’s easy to complain, it takes work to win! If you are busy complaining, you aren’t committed to working the plan that WINS! All across the country I have originators that are just doing their jobs and ignoring the complaining. Those are the people that are winning business and closing loans. The more people complain, the less competition they face to capture business by using the winning move!

Now, what wins the deal in one market, doesn’t always work in other markets; so, it’s important to look and see what is winning! And before you say something stupid like “they lost to an all-cash offer” or “someone else offered more money”, think about your local FACTS! What is the percentage of all cash offers in your market? I know it isn’t 100%. Besides, do you know how to compete with all cash offers? Do you know what the number really is? As far as someone offering more money, why wasn’t your client making their best offer first? If it was their best offer, maybe they need to look at houses that that offer could have won?

The fact that there are multiple offers and offers over asking just shows the strength of the market. The fact that people are making offers on three or more homes before they get an offer accepted actually shows that they found a number of houses in their market that they liked enough to make an offer on, so how is there an inventory issue? You can complain about a bad result, or you can get working on finding out what is winning in your market and help your people win!

Fun fact, one recent offer that was accepted contained an offer of free pizza every Friday until the home closed! Imagine that, winning by PIZZA! What is winning in your market?

Questions or comments: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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As I watched the Big 10 basketball game a couple of weeks ago between the University of Michigan and the University of Wisconsin played in Madison, Wisconsin the Badgers won the game 77-63. With Wisconsin leading and the game seemingly in hand, Coach Greg Gard, the Wisconsin coach called a time out. As a fan at home, I was not sure why, but maybe he just wanted to insert some of his bench players. This is only a guess on my part. No matter the reason, Gard is entitled to do that. Juwan Howard, the Michigan coach, took it as an insult, saying it’s an unwritten rule – not to be done.

As customary, both teams and coaches line up to shake the hand (some hug) of every member of the opposing team. Coach Howard, angry at the fact that Coach Gard had called that “late” time out did not show up to be in that handshake line, but he was grabbed by the arm by Coach Gard (presumably to shake his hand). Howard taking it as an aggressive move by Gard, turned, pointed his finger at Gard angrily, and slapped Wisconsin assistant coach Joe Krabbenhoft in the face.

With both team members in close proximity, all wanted to be a part of that melee – and did. Howard’s team had lost that crucial game and he was seemingly in no mood for that handshake. But Howard had a sportsmanship obligation to do so. In fact, to me, that’s an important aspect of a coaches’ job – his ability to take a defeat (no matter how stringent) in a true sportsmanship way!

With regard to that “lineup to shake the opponents’ hand”, if you watch closely, you perhaps have noticed the faces and demeanor of each player that they are in that “lineup” because they are ‘told to do so.” Looks to me that it is mostly perfunctory! The players on the winning team are happy to be there. The losers not so much. Some collegiate sports do it. Others don’t.

Many comments have been forthcoming, and commentators are jumping in. One comment was that the conference commissioner ought to get involved. He did. However, the real issue is with the coach himself. In hiring coaches, integrity is as important (to me) as his ability to create a winning team!

Will you log in as to whose responsibility it is to set the tone for good sportsmanship?

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Confidence left the building, in your mind’s eye, you despise how you look – even though it’s a brand-new outfit and you thought it was great until….

Something happened and your self-talk went into witness protection. 

Nowhere to be found is the real life you – you know…the successful, attractive badass that you really are.

So, what’s the deal?

  • Maybe you ran into your ex with his new love, and she looks gorgeous
  • Or you run into a past old friend on the same day your power went out (for days) and you feel like you looked like  a complete wreck…
  • Or maybe this scenario happens – You’ve been waiting for this date with a new great guy and as the day gets closer, your image of yourself slides so far down you can’t even scrape it off the floor?

What is this really about?

  • Imposter Syndrome?  Maybe they’ll find out that you aren’t that smart, cute, efficient, neat, cool, etc?   PS: Who are “they” anyway?
  • Imperfections you are quite sure are noticeable by everyone as if it was showcased on a Manhattan billboard?
  • Self-Acceptance? – Yeah, I’ve heard that one before, and to me is much easier said than done.

Are you ready to hear this…?  It happens to the very best of us!  We lose our “way” for a few minutes and WHAM… our vision of ourselves is slam dunked like it was built on paper.  

What’s the real deal here?

  • We gave our power away
  • We traded our comfort for the approval of someone else, who by the way is likely as perfectly  imperfect as you are
  • We fell short of living up to the social front we think they believe.
  • We allowed the IMPOSTER in our brain take over the sane part and listened intently
  • We secretly feel like we are “not enough” or have ever been enough
  • We are fixated on “comparing” ourselves to another person and thus therein lies the gap….


And here’s a real bugger..Those women who appear to have it ALL TOGETHER – don’t always have it all together . And want to know how I know that?  

Short real life story:
There is this amazing woman, accomplished in every way possible.  When I sent her a thank you note, I got a simple text back which made me realize and confirm that even high level women have one of those days as the note simply said: “ Thank you  - I needed this – I was having a MOMENT”. That told me that super successful, highly accomplished, smarter than slick, beautiful inside and out women most likely all have those “moments’, and there’s your sign….Validation that everyone has that “moment”.

After interviewing over 274 women in business from top CEO’s to small entrepreneurs every one of us will have one of these experiences at some time. They seem to happen when we may be physically and or emotionally exhausted, made by someone close to us who made a comment that cut us to the bone. 

Whatever the case, one “ouch” should not take down the wholeness of you. The question I ask is, WHY?

Why does one incident hit us so hard we lose the connection to our real selves and put someone else’s opinions, thoughts and views above our own?

If you are human, you are bound to be impacted in some way with other humans, well meaning or not. 

Just remember, their opinion comes from their own misgivings and are likely the result of their “secret” insecurities and shortcomings. By pointing out where you fell short, missed the mark, are less than may be their way of trying to feel better about themselves.


Yes, I hear you – Wine and Chocolate do work as a buffer – and hiding in the rabbit hole for a while is okay too, but you can’t hang out there too long.

You might agree that the failure to hold your ground was a wakeup call to evaluate to yourself that it is okay to screw up once in a while, or to accept that you aren’t going to be a supermodel anytime soon.

The one thing you’ve got that no one else will ever have….is you!  70 Trillion cells make up your humanness and your life experiences, values and beliefs can never be duplicated EVER making you a real masterpiece. 

Let that sink it for a minute.

Do a review of your best assets:  You might start with you are a loving, kind, giving, resourceful, hardworking, generous hearted, super cook and have been told on several occasions, a good dancer, kisser, team player.

Focus on the good stuff – and put the “other” in a space to evaluate at another time. 

I recently had a well-meaning friend tell me my fashion choices were “boring”….too black, too plain, too whatever, even though most of my wardrobe is selected by my very own fashion designer (Don’t be too impressed, I hate shopping, don’t have time and would buy black anyway)

That was her (nice) way of saying I need to kick it up a notch with some jewelry, accessories, etc. That I was too “practical” in my choices (true) – 

And I could have felt badly about it, but instead, I let her help me with some new accessories etc. – 

The fact is, I don’t really care about the accessories, but maybe I should a little 

Take what is observed from others, especially those with whom you have a connection with a “grain of salt” as hopefully they may be well meaning.

The bottom line is this: 

You aren’t going to be attractive to everyone, all the time, 

Some days you’ll feel like a winner and then in that tiny moment of time, maybe not so much

Just know that you are YOU and although there is always opportunity to strive for a better version, you can rest assured you are perfectly imperfect right now.

Now…where is that wine?

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