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Effective today, I’ve decided to periodically feature interviews of experts who offer good ideas for you to sell and manage with greater efficiency. As we study and embrace new ideas, they will often impact our Belief System, which in turn will bring growth and create new behaviors for ourselves. These new behaviors will enable us to internalize new habits which will have a positive influence on our results.
Our interview today features a man with some dynamic new ideas that will stimulate your thinking about selling and managing others better. His name is Ron Karr, and I have known him for several years. He is a successful speaker and trainer as well as a best-selling author. He is also a past president of the National Speakers Association. Ron is the author of the new book, The Velocity Mindset, which is a great read about how to enjoy greater success through improved, velocity-creating skills.
I’ve been on Ron’s email list for a good while and I always benefit from it. His latest covered The Five Reasons Why People Quit Their Jobs, which I found very interesting, so I wanted to share that information with you before the actual interview…

1. The employee feels he/she is not appreciated.

2. The employee feels he/she could get a job elsewhere with less stress and fewer demands.

3. They seek a job that offers more satisfaction and opportunity.

4. They don’t feel they have a good career path with their present company.

5. It’s not a happy occasion when they go to work – not enjoyable to work there.

So with the above information how can we lead and manage people more effectively, and enjoy performing with greater velocity? This interview will answer a number of your questions and give you good content for management excellence. Just click the red-button below to view the video of my interview with Ron Karr (11 minutes, 18 seconds).
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Perhaps you have noticed lately, as have I, that at times when a defensive player intercepts a pass, most of the defensive unit on the field gathers together and runs to the end zone for a “photo op.”  Some have defined this as that defensive unit taking great pride in that interception. A fan wrote me recently deriding that this maneuver was just showmanship and unnecessary. Maybe so. The fan went on to ask how to explain to his teenager what pride is and how he should define it.

I responded:

Pride is like faith, you can’t touch it, but you can see it if you know what to look for. A simile might be is that it is like carbon monoxide: colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Intoxicating might be an apt word in that pride can be good or bad. The definition of pride starts with a belief in oneself, appropriately called self-esteem. How, then, does one develop self-confidence? One method might be to observe others who display a sense of pride. As it was once said, “you can observe a lot, just be watching.” However, it is important to be discriminating.

Pride can be displayed properly or wrongly. It can be described as showing excessive self-esteem meaning arrogance or a lack of concern for others. Being proud needs to follow a path of caring for others. If hubris develops, you lose the value of what pride is all about.

Pride is easy to develop when you are successful in everything you do, with no failures. It’s hard to find that person. Pride can take a hit when a failure occurs. When that happens, you need to rebuild your self-esteem through positive affirmations or experiences. Experience, they say, is the ability to recognize a mistake when you make it again. Development of pride then can come from experience.

At one time I produced a video called “P*R*I*D*E in Action” in which I used the word PRIDE as sort of an acronym. ”P” was for personal power; “R” for responsibility (not blaming others); “I” for innovation (you predict the future by creating it); “D” is to design (an action plan to achieve); “E” is for everyone as in (T*E*A*M -Together Everyone Accomplishes More). Each of us needs all of us!

Will you put your pride in action today?

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