Six Ways to Make a Great First Impression

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Feeling blue because you lost a listing to a competitor? If you are wondering why that happened, it may be the perfect time for a tune-up on your marketing materials, your wardrobe, and your attitude.   Start with this question and be honest with the answer: “How do I show up?”  

The old saying that you never get a second chance to make a good first impression is so true! Here are six strategies to pump up your first impression and keep them coming back:

1. Lightning fast response

No matter what your market inventory is like, every listing opportunity counts! When given the chance, create a WOW experience from your very first contact.   If your sellers chose to contact you electronically, respond FAST. Is your website, interactive voice response systems, email, and text designed for instant notifications?  Immediate response is a powerful first impression, so make every effort to respond to all leads quickly. 

2. Marketing materials

With a few rare exceptions, most sellers make their decisions based on THEIR needs, not your history of success. If your marketing materials focus about how great you are, then it’s time to make a conscious effort to update and redesign those materials to meet your client needs. Go through your website and brochures and count how many times you refer to “I” or “we” in your materials—be brutally honest! Change the focus from being all about you, to providing relevant and timely content that will address your prospects need for information. Become consumer-centric!

3. Time for a confidence makeover

Take a look at how you present yourself. Where is your energy level? Are you genuinely interested and excited to meet this new client? Are you clean, neat and appropriately dressed?  Are you on time and highly organized with your laptop or iPad? Confidence comes with deep preparation, so take the time to make all your meetings with clients positive, energetic, and engaging.  Look the part of the superstar to get superstar compensation.  

4. It’s SHOW TIME!  

When was the last time you spiffed up your listing presentation?  Is it dull or dynamic? When you arrive for the actual appointment, make it a real show stopper.  You want the seller to see you as different and creative, with such impressive services that you become their only choice. Arrive with props like customized feather flags,  (if signs are appropriate) riders for call capture, single property website URL, lead capture systems in place for their price range, a screen capture of your lead incubation reports, and yes, eventually the CMA.  Digitally demonstrate your premium marketing plan first to visually engage the seller to interact as you review your special initiatives. Profile information like your use of professional photography, video, geo fencing, lead generation systems and more before discussing the CMA information.   

5. How’s your attitude?

Are you optimistic, friendly, and solutions-focused? Or is your life filled drama and negativity? You may not be able to control the events around you, but you can control how you respond to events. So why not choose to be upbeat and positive? People are attracted to optimistic, happy people—so make a point of starting your day with an inspiring, motivational message. And don’t forget to add some humor and laughter to your life. You will see an increase in your sales as you up your optimism level.

6. Pump up your engagement factor

Have you invested in advancing your communication skills to learn the best ways to engage with all four generational groups to be more relevant to their preferences?  Top performers know the real work lies in the rigors of purposeful practice on a regular basis. Update your social media sites regularly to be sure you are relevant and your information is up to date and accurate.  

Follow these six success strategies and watch your profits—and confidence—increase! NOW is your time to shine!

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