Are You Feeling Stuck? Meet Rachel Wayte, An Energy Healer And Spiritual Mentor Who Uses Sound And Energy To Help Others Heal From Their Past And Release Emotional Blocks [VIDEO]

Written by Posted On Thursday, 09 September 2021 00:00

HS18 RachelWayte FullRes 3She is a formerly trained classical & opera singer, who for many years hid her healing and spiritual gifts for fear of being seem, being heard and fear of her own light. Back in March 2018 she felt stuck ,weighed down by the feelings that she wasn’t fulfilled and that there was more she should be doing with her life. She knew things had to change and she made the brave decision to stop hiding and really step into her power and capabilities as a healer. She now uses her powerful singing voice for what it was meant for - helping others to heal.

Rachel uses sound, energy & intuition to help purpose-driven women get unstuck so they can fulfil their deepest desires & make a lasting impact She works with clients from across the globe to help them free themselves from their past, release heavy emotions & deep pains so they too can find the strength to step into their truth & power.

Rachel lives in the Manchester UK with her composer husband Gavin and their 8 year old daughter Annie.

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