The Promise Dilemma

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Tomorrow night I have a serious dilemma:

1 – My Dad invited me to attend a seminar of a powerful speaker he feels is the smartest man he’s ever heard, it starts at 7 PM, an hour’s drive from my home;

2 – My son’s basketball coach organized a one-time only Fathers vs. Sons game and pizza party to celebrate our boys having just gone undefeated for the season, starting at 7 PM, a 5 minute drive from my home.

Herein lies the great Promise Dilemma – which promise outweighs the other?

I have not committed to either at this point.  I have no true obligation in terms of what I have agreed to do.  Unfortunately there is no way I can make it logistically to both due to travel distance.

So, what is the dilemma?

As a SON:

I Promise to be a support, good son, and honor my Father.

I want to support my Dad, am grateful he invited me to the seminar, and am very committed to the craft of self-improvement in my business, as listening to other speakers always inspires and lifts my game.  My Dad is getting older, we don’t have as many chances to get together these days, and I suppose my attendance could be helpful to his efforts in business, as well as to mine, since he will most likely introduce me to some key people.

I really want to be there! 


As a DAD:

I Promise to be present and available any chance I can in my son’s life.

My son’s coach has never suggested the dads play the boys, but they have been using it as a tactic all season long to encourage the boys to work hard, and that, at the end of the season, this would prove the ultimate test to see how good they really are.  I rarely lace up the sneakers to play, as my body has not served me well when I have in 2 decades past.  However, I’m not getting younger, and there are few opportunities like this left for me.

I really want to be there!


What is the Promise Dilemma?  

When we must choose between one good and another good, even if we haven’t committed to either, but have based our character, habits, and choices upon the principles of keeping our promises, we have a dilemma.

Most often it comes down to keeping the RIGHT promises first.

So, which one is right in this instance?

I’m not going to reveal here what I choose to do, rather would love your thoughts as to what you feel I should do, give your argument as to why, and I will leave the following thoughts here that may add to the conflict:

  • The 10 Commandments state – Honor Thy Father & Thy Mother
  • I used to set a goal to be a better dad.  It wasn’t until I made a Promise to be the kind of dad any kid would want to have that my relationship with each child changed.

What’s your most recent Promise Dilemma?  And how do you choose between right and right?

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